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Date: Feb 11, 2003
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Last Neurobiotic compilation ENCODER will be out next week, and lot of trax featured on it are already on various top tens kicking the dancefloors all over the world.

Here is a preview of what you will find on it:

..:: V.A. - ENCODER ::..
BARCODE 8031544000003

Molecular vs Auspexx - winds of war
written and produced by Tal Cohen, Arie Shilanksy and Yaniv Haham @ YANTS & LEO studios - Tel Aviv

Yotopia - go
written and produced by Yoni Rimon & Tomer Dayan, Belly's Studios - Israel.

Lemurians - olodrum
written and produced by Janosh Riemann and Andreas Kuchenbauer at SST studio - Munich

Mekkanika - mentally what
W. & P. by Nikka @ Capp St. Studio, San

Altom - your ambition is to get high
written and produced by Alexi Cornet and Thomas Dubreuil @ ALTOM stdio - Paris

Pixel & sub6 - one shot
written and produced by Eli Biton & Golan Aharoni at Intelabeam studio - Tel aviv

Lemurians - some strange days
written and produced by Janosh Riemann and Andreas Kuchenbauer at SST studio - Munich

Sesto sento - clockwork
written and produced by Matan Kadosh, Aviram Saharay & Itai Spector at Sesto Sento studio - Israel

Vibra - crystalis
written and produced by Dan Costa @ core reaktor - NY

Final mastering at 4CN studios

Artwork by

Second Neurobiotic artist album currently printing, will be out just after Christmas, it will be from the Brasilian act Vibra. Vibra is a brasilian act, which studio is based at the moment in New York. His music is powerfull night kicking full on. He already has 2 trax released on neurobiotic: "Civilizations", released in the compilation fast forward and "Crystalis" released in the forthcoming compilation "Encoder" that will be in the shops next week. He already played his dj and live sets in Brasil, Paris and other countries and always had a great feedback and gonna play in Japan in 2 weeks. 10 trax on the album exploring morphing psychedelic soundscapes. The album starts with a more progressive track (I opened almost all my latest dj set with it) to go to more full on and kicking stuff reaching the peak with caravana, nova and arcada and slowing down with fluctuate, a relaxing theme after the psychedelic ride.

The tracks have been tested a lot around the world and always had great effect on every kind of dancefloor.

BARCODE 8031544000004

1) Science Friction

2) Bounce

3) Caravana

4) Nova

5) Crystalis

6) Alien Beams

7) Arcada

8) Civilizations

9) Extended

10) Fluctuate

All tracks written and composed by Daniel Costa @ core reaktor - NY

Final mastering at 4CN studios
Artwork by

All Neurobiotic releases are distributed exclusively worldwide by Wirikuta Distribution. Wirikuta Distribution is one of the market's leading music distributors for independent labels of high quality electronic psychedelic trance for the dancefloor from all over the world. Their online shop is almost ready and it will be the main source for all your psychedelic needs. Take a look to their new website:

Neurobiotic records changed address, new address is:

Neurobiotic records
Via Appia Nuova, 37
00182 Rome
phone/fax: +39 06 77250025
mobile: +39 328 6290923

Wish you all a psychdelic Christmas and a happy and peacefull new year.

Edoardo @ Neurobiotic Records

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All Neurobiotic mastering by: (Tim Schuldt & Detlef

Neurobiotic Records
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00183 Rome
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