Wakening The Psy In ITALY

The complete story about Trance in the Italy!

Author: DJ Josko
Date: Jul 20, 2005
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Wakening The Psy In ITALY

We got two texts about italy from different sources so we'd like to give you both so you can make yourself a more complete picture...

Text: DJ Josko

A psychedelic trance scene developed rather late in Italy – but today you can find some nice parties over there, too. And who knows - this might be the year when IT finally happens!

Italy, worldwide famous for food, sun and folk music, has never been an important spot in the international trance map, although all around the world, wherever there is a nice party, you can find many Italians blasting. A really bad and commercial disco/house scene and an hard-to-die techno rave culture is the reason for this situation.

But in the last few years things are slowly moving forward. Last year a three days party, the Sunexplosion, hosted three music stages including a trance one, where artists like Altöm, Sub 6, Astrix and GMS played for a crowd of 1500 people. It was the first good line up in Italy.

Today international guests are performing almost every weekend in Italy in parties organized by people willing to promote the trance culture here, after being infected in Goa, London or in some festival in Germany which is not too far away on the other side of the Alps. Parties are usually organized in the regions of Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Lazio by crews like Goaspirit, Crystal Vision and Trancemission, which are trying to introduce and support a vision of party that was almost unknown in Italy.

Besides the Neurobiotic team, headed by DJ Edoardo, Italy has many new artists like Bon, Pulsar, Scene and Gaiatech and interesting DJ’s such as Meko, Peyo, Tommy Crystal Vision who are putting all their energies to represent their country in the world.

This year, beside the trance stage at the Sunexplosion, will happen the first Italian trance festival ever, called Sonica 2005, organized by a professional team. A killer line up with two stages (trance and chill out) and a beautiful location on the shores of the wonderful Bolsena Lake will make of this event the first international meeting point in Italy.

Italy will take its place in the world's psy trance scene.





  • Italians are famous for their taste and style – and they know how to enjoy life
  • Population: 56.3 milion / Capital: Rome
  • Being surrounded by the Mediterrenean Sea, Italy offers lots of beautiful coastlines, which attract even more lots of tourists from other European countries



DJ Josko (Neurobiotic Records)

Date: Jul 20, 2005
Photos: DJ Sun
Taken from: The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2005

Text: DJ Sun

Italy scene in trance music is still growing up. In 1995 groups of 500-600 started to meet in woods to stay together and enjoy psytrance music. The pioneer groups were Space Candies, New Energy, Mister Smart and others. Young people  joined  these small parties because the music and the armony were full of happiness and they felt sharing the same ideas and aims: peace and love.

After 2000 the movement had a real evolution. The foreign artists came to Italy and brought their own culture.

In July 2002 the Alien Tribe organized the “Ratatatatam” in Occhiobello, a wonderful location very close to lakes,  more than 1800 people joined the event.

After that we encourage many foreign artists to play in our parties. People started to join our events more and the effect was enthusiastic.

In August 2004 we realized our aim to organize the first electronic music festival in Italy.

The event took part in Fossacesia Marina, a small historical village by the sea. About 5000 people joined the “Sunexplosion”. Altom, Astrix, GMS, Sub6, Wreacker Machines, Antaro, Mack and many others artists made attractive the party with their performances.

The most important Italian music producer are Atmosphere, Alion, Golikem and Pulsar. The main labels are Solarsiv Record, Etnica, Neurobiotic. Italy can provide also many very good d.j.s, like Sun, Taso, Pejo, Nico, Shankara, Tommy, Drift, Piero and more. The best Decoes are Alien Attack, Crystal Vision, Electronic Brain, Atlantic Tribe, Electronic-Brain and Transmission.

The Italian producers and organizers are  planning more festivals and parties. One of them will be the “Sunexplosion 2005” in Fossacesia Marina, set in a new location. Many important artists and special decorations, a very unusual laser show and a big sound system will be avaliable. The Adriatic Sea and  its wonderful beaches will restore the participants after the festival.




  • Italy is one of the most important European Countries for historical memories, archeological sites, cultural  artistic treasures and wonderful sightseeing. Moreover we have a consolidated tourism activity providing accomodation and services wherever in the Country and a good rail, motorway and airports connection. But mostly Italy is loved for the wheather, sunny and temperate all over the year.
  • Don’t forget the food! We have lots of regional very yummy recipes.
  • Everybody knows that the Italian way of life is very open to all the other cultures and normally Italians enjoy to share ideas and feelings. Also local Councils are very keen in entertainement to facilitate people meetings and exchanges.



DJ Sun

I organize parties, festivals and I am also D.J.. I own a label with my partner: Solarsiv Records.


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