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Psyburbias new site and happy deals

Date: Feb 11, 2003
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There's been a huge amount happening for Psyburbia who have signed a new deal. A new EP is due out early '03 and an album to follow a couple of months later.

" I am pleased to say that Psyburbia is back where it all started with Black Hole recordings, who released my industrial act years ago. They have always had a reputation for signing cutting edge acts of many genres, so the timing seemed right. Black Hole don't have many acts so it means Psyburbia gets a bit more focus, and also that I can release the music I want - both are important considerations. I also felt it was time to put more attention into the local side of things, which has been neglected a little. We will however be hooking up a global release for the new album,a nd will be in a position to promote it more thoroughly.

One of the highlights of the new album has been the collaborations. I was lucky enough to do tracks with the Om Squad, Scanner, Rip Van Hippy and winduptoys.

The result has been the most cohesive effort to date, strangely enough. I won't try to describe the music too much÷ has groove and is very trippy. It's the happiest I've been with an album.

Prior to that there will be an EP of unreleased or hard to get mixes, which kind of closes a chapter in Psyburbia's history. It's called Interstellar Mushroom and is one for the completists."

- Baz, Psyburbia 03/01/03

Both the Interstellar Mushroom EP and the forthcoming album will be available through Black Hole recordings worldwide, or online.

Also check out the new compilation 'Electrickery' from Tempest Recordings which features a remix of a Psyburbia tune, as well as tracks by Eat Static and Tempest artists amongst others.

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