Who is Peter Hollenbach

formerly known as Mahasuka

Author: liese
Date: Dec 6, 2002
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Name & age of artist
Peter Hollenbach, 37

Home base
Hamburg / Germany

Booking contakt
booking agency:

How and when did you start you career?
Started 89' in a hippie club close to my native town and played Hip Hop and Raggamuffin.

What was your biggest smash production?

Intact Instinct
- When Woodworm Works Worse, Chicago Coinïs Cinema

Peak Pilots
- Smelling Trap

Disco Slickers
- Slick of it all

How do you go about producing your music?
Using more and more audio and drifting more and more into the progressive house direction.

What was your most memorable gig? Which would you rather forget?
most memorable: Japan, with the most amazing sound system...
worsed gig: Israel, with thousands of expected people but only 200 came...

What are your favourite pieces of gear?
Yamaha FS 1 R

What annoys you / inspires you at the moment?
annoying: any 16, 12, 8 or 4- note basslines!
inspires: cool house grooves!

Any stories you would like to share from the "sex, drugs 'n' rock'n roll"

Yes of course. I became father two times, and i made both childs (2 + 3 years old) always after the SOMA festival in Cologne. This is quite strange, isïnt it! ;-)))

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