Fullmoon festival 2007

Interview with Chris from Fullmoon crew

Author: Goagadar
Date: Jul 13, 2007
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Date: July 13, 2007
Text: Goagadar
Photos: Fullmoon Festival

Fullmoon festival 2007 - An interview with Chriss

This year will be the 6th edition of Fullmoon Festival. It starts July 27th and ends on August 1st. We talked to Chriss from the organization about the festival and his vision of the trance scene.


Goagadar: When and how did you decide to undertake the festival? Tell me a bit about the birth of Fullmoon Festival. What is your main concept for Fullmoon Festival?

Chriss: The idea we had at an fullmoon party in koh pangan Thailand in the year 2002. A lot of international people gathered at the Fullmoon-Partys in Thailand and it was an amazing atmosphere which we wanted to transfair to germany.  Right after coming back end of February we started the preparations for the first edition in july. At this time we were on the search for festivals with good live act line ups, but we couldn’t find any in germany, mostly only festivals with lots of  DJs – not bad, but where are the people producing the music ? So we deceided to organise a festival still having DJs, but focusing on live acts. We had a small budget, but a lot of good lives and a whicked soundsystem at that time indeed. So we got more international people than germans that time (which is still the point today) and a very good feedback from all the partygoers.

Goagadar: How many people work for Fullmoon Festival? How long does it take to set everything up?

Chriss: The maincrew are 6 people working the whole year beside normal jobs. At the festival nearly 300 people are working and also like 150 artists. We work for more than 1 months at the festival area.

Goagadar: How do you select the artists?

Chriss: Since the first festival we mainly book artists whose music we like and that will hopefully never changes.

Goagadar: The Fullmoon-Festival 2007 takes place at an old Russian airbase. This is a new location, right? Tell me more about this location, why did you change?

Chriss: Its not a new location, cause we used this one also in 2006 and the feedback after that edition to the location was amazing. People liked that mystical airbase with all its shelters covered with vegetation, the huge grasslands and the little lake more than we expected.

Goagadar: What is Germany´s trance scene like compared to the rest of the world?

Chriss: In my opinion the scene is more alternative than in any other country I played or traveled so far. Which also means they have to manage with less money. That’s why we still have to keep the entrance prices way lower than international standard.

Goagadar: You travel a bit as a DJ… Where have you been playing lately? What has been your best gig this year?

Chriss: I played Brasil, Japan, Swizerland, Denmark, Germany and Israel this year. The best was Universo Paralello, but at least also because of the perfect location at the beach in the tropics. But the partycrowds in the other countrys were amazing too.

Goagadar: Trance scene and its music are changing. The popularity of full on music is not the same today as it was in the past.  What do you think about that? You still in love with trance music?

Chriss: For sure, otherwise I wouldn`t invest so much time. Only in things people love they invest more time than they should. But for the popularity point I can not feel a change to more or less.

Goagadar: What would be your dream line-up for a music festival?

Chriss: We have our dream line-up every year. So from this point of view it’s a present from heaven to make our dreams come true doing a festival with artists we wanna see. hehe

Goagadar: Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Chriss: For the first time we deceided to feature also the progressive trance, cause its impossible to imagine trance without progressive. We configure a full working, well decorated and huge sounding progressive stage with more than 30 of the best Lives (in our opinion)and 20 DJs. To give an amazing experience we will go back in time and use the unique circle stage from the last years main floor were people can dance around the artists. Furthermore we bring the legendary crystal-clear sounding 30.000 watts 6-point soundsystem “SYRINCS” from 2002 / 2003. The visual highlight will be the mindblowing 6-point lasershow. Of course there will be a really nice psychedelic decoration which will fit the whole floor.


Thanks a lot to Goagadar magazine for this interview!




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