Deeper in Zen

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Author: sonhoe
Date: Oct 31, 2002
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Deeper in Zen

The official website for the psy-trance live act from New York.

You can find links to events, music, visuals and more. Check it out!

"I awaken with a stsrt. How did I Come to be here in this place?
It would seem the Dream I have found maself in upon
awaking is a frigtful place indeed.

Perspective falls away as I gaze down at my feet. The thin line
they are perched tenously upon stretches off into the
distance as far as the eye can see, both of me
and behind.

Dizzzingly far down below me, a rapt populance gazes
upward to see me tremble in my precarious stance. Iam
utterly naked - I cannot hide my fear..."

Deeper in Zen

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