Psychedelic wave of trance...

...over Mexico!

Author: Daniela
Date: Oct 30, 2007
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Psychedelic wave of trance over Mexico

The Mexican Trance scene has grown rapidly in the last few years; we now have about 15 parties every week around the country, and most of them with top international names. There is so much Trance in the country; every week, Friday and Saturday night fever. We now have the second largest Trance scene in Latin America after Brazil and we hope it keeps expanding.

The best places for parties in the country are Mexico City and Guadalajara with professional productions featuring great lineups and locations with some of the promoters moving to the beach during the holidays to organise New Years parties or the Semana Santa parties at Easter time.

In the Full-on scene, we have Maia records, with their famous festival Time and Space and from Guadalajara we have Massive Trance who are well known for their equinox festivals which always have huge international lineups. The Beat on the Beach Festival, held in May by Basic Music, has moved from Puerto Vallarta to Acapulco. In Guadalajara we also have Wagner Productions, well known for their fantastic sound system.

There is also a good mix of Full-on nights as well as trippy and fresh morning Progressive Trance. We have the Trance-it Festival, and in Guadalajara the X-Fusion parties, While for Morning Progressive, we have Deliria Productions. If you come to México you must come to their parties, I never miss them!. They have a great sound system, they find really magical locations, and always have the best deco which is recognised/known world wide; as well as decorating festivals in México, they decorate festivals like Boom in Europe too.

They also always have a great chillout area.We must also mention a new label that is organising great parties in the country, Iboga Mexico, which is run by DJ Vedant - who’s doing a great job. There’s also Sounds of Earth, directed by the well known DJ Vazik, with parties in club Play that are great fun :).

We also have great visual artists, such as Syncro Maya and Chakra Corona, as well as new talents in music like Ski-Fi and Trancemission. In the Chill-out scene we have Blue Lunar Monkey and the new project of Ecliptic, Lunar Sound, as well as many more up-and-coming talents.

The big problem that we have here in Mexico are the new producers who start hosting parties without being properly prepared. We all know its not easy and that there are a lot of responsibilities and we’re always glad to have more and more parties, but please check the webpage of the promoters before you decide to participate in or go to a party.

So, as you can see, Trance in Mexico is growing all the time. Great festivals, friendly parties and hundreds of new locations waiting to be uncovered and enjoyed makes it the perfect destination for dancers and DJs alike.





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Date: Oct 30, 2007
Text: Daniela
Photos: Daniela
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"


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