Get a Life in the silicon jungle...

...of Brazil!

Author: Nazca
Date: Nov 26, 2007
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Get a Life in the slicon jungles of Brazil

The Brazilian Trance community is developing rapidly in this multi-racial country where music and dance are everywhere. Exotic landscapes, surreal temporary autonomous zones and freak party-animals make it one of the strongest Trance scenes in the world. Here, Trance pumps hard from Oiapoque to Chuí. Bring your smile but keep an eye open: you’re in the jungle.

Brazil as a nation was born on a Bahia beach. Brazilian Trance scene as a (sub) culture was born on the same shores, under the same deep blue sky and heavenly landscapes, 500 years after the Portuguese first arrived. During the golden age, the Arraial d`Ajuda – Trancoso axis, South of Bahia state, gathered aliens, freaks and nativos for surreal endless summers under coconut trees, loaded with mad, free open-air parties, a green community spirit and ultraviolet vibrations. With more parties than grains of sand, Trancoso has been the Brazilian Goa since the early 90´s, blossoming the Psychedelic Trance culture throughout Brazil.

When you think Brazil, think gigantic. Every year after the summer season in Trancoso, the aliens returned home and triggered their own Trance scenes in major Brazilian cities. Psytrance has now spread all across Brazil, with big, very professionally organised festivals, lots of outdoor parties, friendly and beautiful people, a solid nightclub agenda and a high demand for DJs, live artists and deco teams. This all combines to create the perfect environment for an intense sound/ culture interchange.

There´s heavy tectonic Trance activity all around Brazil, however the epicenter is São Paulo. This grey hive pumps Trance all year long, Monday to Monday. Clubby vibes during the week, big weekend gatherings like XXXperience, Tribe (officially the biggest Trance party on Earth) and Kaballah and the Solaris festival. Brasília and Goiânia stomp on at the inner core, bringing some dope live acts such and DJs land the festivals Trancendence and Tranceformation.

Seismic activity is also registered in Belo Horizonte. Pioneered by DJ Celso along Ciano, it is home to the Cachoeira Alta festival. Along the coast, there are sonic earthquakes in Rio (DJs Fluorenzo and Matera; Minimal Criminal and Glocal live acts, Wild Artists crew, big parties as Euphoria and some problems with authorities) and Vitória (DJs Kali, Santiago and E-lise; Casa da Índia, Soul Vibes and Ecologic crews). On the south, the ground shakes on Coritiba, arranged by DJs Rodrigo CPU and lives as Oxyd, Swe Dagon and Spectral Skunk, along an e-music academy (AIMEC). The vibration continues in Porto Alegre, Florianópolis and Joinville. Up to the north, there is underground sonic activity above Trancoso (DJ JP and summer parties), where sun shines and the scene stares new horizons. Universo Paralello take’s place on New Year´s eve in Bahia. Salvador, an old and afro-mystical city, resonates alien soundscapes with Soononmoon crew and ten others. Going up, respect to the Aracaju scene (Eletromotrixx) along Recife (After Dreams and Liquid Sky crews; DJs Pateta and Vorax), Natal (DJ Brown), Fortaleza, Teresina, São Luís and Belém.

To keep going, the Brazilian trance scene should look within. In the coming years, the good harvest depends on opening our senses to the rich ground. To seed positive attitude and realize our mixed nature means gathering more original Psychedelic sounds and developing the culture in the future.



  • Brazil is the 5th largest world nation, the 8th world economy and number one in contradictions. black and white (plus yellow, Indians and hybrids too), jungle and concrete, beach and mountain, carnival fantasy and hard life. That’s Brazil. Here, the real and surreal coexist in 190 million hearts and minds.
  • Almost a continent, this giant basically means South America minus the Andes. Great biodiversity and weather varieties.
  • Traveling through it by car or bus is not recomended due to bad road conditions. You can find good plane ticket prices.
  • The current left-wing government is lessening the social inequality and improving the economic situation.
  • The drug policies are slowly changing too (lighter on users and heavier on dealers).
  • TV, soccer and mosquitoes rule the nation.
  • Carnival is the Brazilian people’s apotheosis.
  • Catholic, afro and even psychonautic beliefs keep the faith in Brazil
  • No earthquakes, no hurricanes and no volcanoes registered in Brazil. ;)





DJ, psychonaut and Soononmoon promoter




Date: Nov 26, 2007
Text: Nazca
Photos: Nazca
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"


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