New Danish Acts #1

The Gnome Effect

Author: flower
Date: Sep 14, 2002
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Sep 14, 2002 - Text: Flower - Photos: Flower

New Danish Acts #1

(The Gnome Effect)

Going to take you on a trip to the new side of denmark, to meet the acts you dont know much about yet, but seem to get a promising future.
I have spoken with the two guys from The Gnome Effect, Mikkel Rasmussen & Sylvester Laurtisen.

1- How did u guys start to make music, and how did it all begin??

---- Well.. Sylvester & me have known each other for alot of years now, and we've always shared the same taste in music. I have always wanted to make music and I started to do something for myself a long time ago, which resulted in some shitty full on stuff. Then I hooked up with Sylvester and we tried out some minimal and progressive and developed our sound as we got better hardware.

2- What has been motivating you to get to where you are now?

---- The motivation? I dont know. I guess its just the feeling of wanting to try and make something good for people to hear. Once we stopped completely to make music, because we thought we'd never get to a point were people would ever give us a chance. But luckily for us we started again 1 year ago..

The two friends from The Gnome Effect. (Sylvester / Mikkel)

3- Witch trax have you relesed and on witch labels?

--- We have 1 release as The Gnome Effect right now... Visions Of Gnomes on Digital Drops compilation on USTA records.. its a bad track though.. no development, bad sound and so on. We have better stuff coming up on Novatekk.
Mikkel also have a side project called NASA, wich have released two tracks so far. NASA - Flødekaramel (Daneism compilation, Ayahuasca-Danmark) & NASA - Ultrasved (Fata Morgana compilation, Compact-Israel)

4- What are your future plans?

---- good question... I actually have no idea...

5- Besides making music, what do you do then?

--- work work work.. Need to make a living.

6- What is your best musical experience?

--- Camp Electric.. the danish musicfestival.. for now.. other experiences are coming. but for now its Camp Electric




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