The road is open...

... for the Psytrance scene in Italy!

Author: Matte
Date: Jul 4, 2007
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The Road is open for Psy in Italy

It was more than 12 years ago when the first Italian Psy parties took place. Small gatherings between friends, attracted by the new music and fluorescent colours that some had seen on their travels to Goa, Thailand and Switzerland; they couldn't have known then that it would develop into the important part of the world scene it is today.

Bologna and Milan have been the most active places since the start with Bologna crews mainly organising forest parties in the neighbouring Apennine region and Milan hosting a variety of club events. However the scene has started to take root in other places and, especially in the North, the stage is expanding. Parties are organised by a numerous different promoters and now play a range of Psy from Full-on to Progressive. More events are hosting international artists and festivals like Sonica help attract a multinational crowd. 2007 will see the 3rd Sonica festival take place from the 3rd to 6th of August and a new festival, Crystal Moon, is planned for the following weekend.

There are numerous crews currently putting on parties including Crystal Vision, Dragydrop, Mk, Technoexperience, Looney Moon, GoaSpirit, SoundSplatters, Trancemission and Psyconauti.  At the larger events, locations are totally transformed by one or more of our various deco teams such as Neurosis, MoonFlowers, Paramatma Family, Fasù and Atlantic Tribe. There are also plenty of producers in Italy and alongside famous names like Loopus in Fabula, Pineal, Pulsar and Gaiatech we have a wave of newcomers stepping up to take us forward. Helping our artists distinguish themselves for the quality of their productions are labels like Neurobiotic, Magma, Crystal Vision, Fabula, Pixan, Middle Inpsyde, Solarsiv.

Local trancers can find most information on the local Psytrance portal, Electronic Brain, which publicises the larger, more interesting events and acts as a virtual meeting point. More and more youngsters are participating in the scene and you’ll still find the true spirit lives on in our parties today.


The future of Psy in Italy looks positive from every aspect and it seems we’re on the right road. Internationally recognised labels, beautiful festivals, talented artists and a huge potential for more of everything in the future certainly make Italy one of the more exciting places to be.


  • Population: 56 millions -  Capital: Rome
  • Situated on the Mediterranean, Italy has mountains, lakes, islands, excellenent food, friendly people and great cities
  • Abuse of substances forbidden by law and offenders may face severe penalities








Party promoter, DJ, producer


Date: July 04, 2007
Text: Matte
Photos: Khali, Malex
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"



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