Goa Gil, Ariane, and Friends

Trance Party in Northern California

Author: aaron
Date: Jun 12, 2002
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June 1st and 2nd 2002

Goa Gil, Ariane, and Friends...

pictures by Todd Rego- todd@lhfox.com

Northern California, USA

Well, Ariane opened this party with some amazingly psychedelic tribal drumming and chanting music-
Every bit as intense as psychedelic trance but with completely organic sounds.
Then Goa Gil dished out 24 hours of the full-powered psychedelic trance he is renowned for.
Then we cleaned up and recovered. We can hardly wait for his birthday party in october!

While we await pictures from this party,
please enjoy a few snapshots from Todd:

and if you look at the bottom of this gentleman's didgeridoo...what does that say?

imagine the arms attached to these lights!




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