The Psy spirtĀ“s...

...still strong in France!

Author: Greg, Miss Tick
Date: Jul 11, 2007
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The Psy spirit´s still strong in France

2006 was the year of change for France. Amazing festivals, great parties and numerous releases on both local and foreign labels mean the future looks bright for French Psy.

Paris is the Full-on capital and although the winds have changed and massive commercial parties with 2000 people are less common, organisers like Gaia Concept and Trance Body Express still organise big events around the publich holidays. 2006 also saw new events like Trance Embarquement’s progressive sessions on a boat on the Seine,  Liquidelic Garden by Psy Spirit Family, focused more on Psy music and underground parties and Shiva Project who organised a very nice party in the Cabaret Sauvage last October.  As well as the main events themselves, Paris also has several pre-party venues for trancers to warm up in. It has become almost ritual for the Psy community to meet up from anytime after 7pm in places like the Detone Bar with the Hippie Crew or at Batofar’s „O my God, it’s Thursday“ with a variety of sounds including Progressive and Psychedelic being played. Delone from Neotek recently opened a bar and now organises these „aperitifs Trance“ sessions every week.

There is plenty going on outside Paris though, with passionate organisers like Electrohm in Le Mans and Om Sweet Om in Toulouse hosting regular Psy nights and new and existing festival orgainsers putting on events at home and abroad. Dragonhunters held their Freaky Dragon Festival 2006 in Spain, the 3rd Hadra Festival was once again set to stunning Alpine scenary and Aqua Veda are planning the follow up to their warmly welcomed Arcadia Festival next year. For the last 3 years, Mandala Records and Om Sweet Om have also organised the Medieval Fantasy Festival in a castle built in the 9th century.

Throughout history, France has always provided an inspiring environment for artists and Psy is certainly no exception. As well as veteran producers like Absolum, Talamasca and the largely acoustic live act, Hilight Tribe, we are proud to have many up-and-coming artists too. Phatmatix released his first solo album „Sorcery“ on Yabai Records and Datakult had his debut on Nabi Records with Brazilian duo „Psytrance is dead“. One of the more original releases, was that of Principles of Flight’s album „Night time lullabies“. Presented as a fairy tale, the CD comes with a booklet that contains a story that’s meant to be read whilst listening to the album. Other new artists include Dejan, Sky Fiction and Smosh. Of course there are also great DJs like Natas, Greg, Naya, Quaker, L’Elf and DJanes like Miss Tick keeping the crowds stomping and making our events even more magical, we have deco artists and VJs like Arkan, Terratone, Punkadelik and Nico.psyart. We are also proud to have VJ/ DJ Kaa from Lebanon living in France. Originally a pioneer of the Lebanese scene, he now uses his many talents to beautify both real and virtual world spaces.

Presenting our music to the outside world are labels like Nabi Records, Mind Control Records, Mahogany Records, Sonic Motion Records and Anygmatik. We'd also like to mention Pete the Moon, a new label created by DJ Man. A major player in the French Trance scene for more than 10 years, he mysteriously disappeared last October. However, his crew keep on working to realise his dream and have released "I want your kick" by United Spirits, aka DJ Man and "Lost in the sound" by Jaws Underground. Another interesting label catering for the Trance market is Turbo Trance, but it’s not only music they serve. Together with French fashion company Pygmees they have lauched a new line in alternative fashion. soon to be renamed „Turbo Wear“.

France is also home to PsytranceTV, an internet and cabel television channel devoted to Psychedelic Trance , where’ll you’ll find Psy videos, live sets from international artists and features reviews and interviews relating to producers and their current releases.

2006 has been so much better than 2005, and it seems that 2007 will be the year for all those up-and-coming talents and organisations that we’re so proud: No, Psytrance is not dead... and we’ll continue fighting to keep it alive! ;)


  • 60 million ppl, 10 million in Paris alone
  • 70% of the scene is in Paris
  • Sun or rain, anything is possible
  • Parties for all budgets: 10-25€ entrance
  • All other travel info can be found on





Manager om sweet om records


Miss Tick

Manager Fatform records



Date: July 12, 2007
Text: Greg, Miss Tick
Photos: Greg,
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"



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