Author: dj naveen
Date: Apr 14, 2002
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b i o g r a p h y



...psychedelic techno dj,goa exploration mixer & ambiental

Through the path of several electronic music styles i was growing..
.somwhere between past and present ->....mixing all styles together I began
to play in K4 (mainUndergroundClub in Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia), soon became a resident Dj there with own friday nights called Freak
Zone (this was a project of Dj Nova, some other guys, girls and me). These
nights were known for quality music (inovative powerfull breakbeat), and
outstanding video projections.... but i went to explore my artside mind
further, more to psychedeelia and soon left the collective and go on my
own... Made first psychedelic goa trance party in K4. This was the first
set, where I was playing pure GoaPsy trance(1998). For more dynamic night dj Paranoid from Macedonia was playing too. Made some more parties and left K4, ...

And so the psy scene started in Slovenia but grew very slowly (I was only
17 then, and very unexperienced in organization, ...). As a psy-trance dj &
promotor i worked, am working in several collectives;

first collective was (unfortunately=was ) INDIVIDIA (djs, painters, jugglers, cookerz, vjs, soundtechnics, ...) small but very strong & family kind collective,one of its kind. It all, the real psy scene in Ljubljana, started with Individia! We started to doing underground psy-trance parties. We were travelling all over Slovenia for almost 2 years, inviting other tribes, djs, artists... to play, perform, ...We were based in a squat city called Metelkova where we made parties regularly everymonth, ... And so the Slovenian psy-trance scene started.

Now, Individia progressed onto higher level, in nu collective called ACID
FREAKQUENCY. It has obtained all the features but added stronger
organization. We are still working at Metelkova. Having parties constantly
1-2 per month. Parties of our kind, are known for most underground and
powerfull psychedelic eventz in Slovenia.
At the summertime u can find us in nature & of course where we are there is
music too!

My other project is VIOLET PERCEPTION. This is my own project, which
presentz psy-goa-ambiental music & art. All manifestos are mainly
concentrated in darkishsquatkind of club Channel Zero, which is one of the
best alter clubs in capitol. It is based in Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana.
Beside that, I play in this club as a resident dj and a programme editor,
covering psy trance music.

Nowdays I like to play mostly subliminal deep-hard (some says psychedelic
techno) & spherical psytrance filled with spiritualism of both sides, between darkness & light, darkness provails though. I choose trax very
carefully, so i have lotz of work with searching music that fits
me, althought I'm eclectic kind of soul. An there is another cause for this:
I don't know how is it with others, but i can say for me, 80%, even more, of
todays music is crap! I just praise the artists who are inovative and so
don't care for mainstream.

Besides this, my other two loves are Ambiental and pure Goa trance.

I was privileged to play with
Xenomorph(Acidance, GER), BushavaAzbuka(FamilyOfLight, MAC), Edoardo(Neurobiotic, I), StefanFeuerhake (FreeForm, GER), Marino (MetaMusic, CRO), Dj Ganesh (HumorTumor, CRO), SonicDistortionCrew(CZ), Betty (TribalMedia, NL), Boscow (CosmicWalkers, GER), MindFactory Tribe(Cro), PsychedelicVisions Collective (Innsbruck, AUT); plenty of Slovenian and croatian djs,... some festivals here in Slovenia and abroad (FreeSpirit Festival)...

Mobile: +386(0)31412876


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