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About the trance scene in Finland

Author: Markku Salmi
Date: Oct 5, 2007
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A rising star: Finland

It’s been nearly 20 years since the early Acid House days when I first saw people partying to electronic dance music at the summer cottage parties. The music was blasting out of cassettes tapes brought over from Goa, but it wasn’t until 1993 when the Finnish rave scene was in full swing that Trance came along. Over the years it evolved into Finnish Psytrance (Suomisoundi) and the new millennium has introduced a whole new Psy culture to Finland.

Canadian media philosopher, Marshall McLuhan once said “Today’s young people live mythically and deeply”. We can say the same for the younger generations in Finland, shaping the way in the 21st century. New artists creatively combine different genres and break new boundaries in an environment where machines are used alongside traditional instruments.

However Oldschool Finnish Psytrance acts like Squaremeat and Texas Faggott are still there too. DJ Genki is also back in business and DJ Soma is still the main man within the Ambient scene. 2006 has seen a wide variety of new parties and artists with names like Puoskari, Calamar Audio, Intriga, Luomuhappo, James Reipas and Dreadlock Tales and new girl power from Miazu and Mamooshka. Finnish party posse’s include Exogenic, Elixiria, People Of The Butterflies and Wider Visions as well as a few smaller underground party organisers. Working with them we have deco groups like Elämänkukka and Mielenkieli and VJ and light teams like Hahmo, Hailisen Lasse and Harharyhmä.

The main Psytrance record label in Finland is Exogenic Records, which has grown into the Exogenic Group. They have new albums from Haltya, Kiwa, Highpersonic Whomen and our hillbilly cowboys Texas Faggott coming in 2007 while Space Boogie’s first compilation, Funland Boogie Files came out in November. In 2006, numerous Finnish acts played at Soulclipse in Turkey, Boom in Portugal and on tour in Brasil. In exchange, we welcomed foreign artists and attracted new crowds from East and West, especially from Russia. International acts like S.U.N Project and Electric Universe played at parties and X.P. Voodoo and Ticon  perormed live at the Konemetsä open-air festival; a hot summer weekend with thousands of happy people.  The autumn had nice, smaller parties with domestic and foreign lineups while the winter saw Salakavala’s album release party in December, DJ Tsuyoshi rocking Helsinki just before Christmas and ended the year on a high with Elixiria’s Star Messenger party at New Year’s. 

The time is ripe for a fresh new start. For those visiting the country, Elixiria.fi is not only our main Trance website, but they have launched their own Psy publication too. Psy is stronger than ever in Finland and we look forward to welcoming you to the land of Suomisoundi and rising stars.




Markku “Cosmo” Salmi


youth researcher and  editor, old skool rocker and raver  

“You might stop the party, but you can’t stop the future.”

Date: Oct 05, 2007
Text: Markku "Cosmo" Salmi
Photos: Cosmo
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"


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