Ypy Poty Gathering 2002 in Brasil

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Author: Francois Calil
Date: Mar 24, 2002
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Mar 25, 2002 - Text: Sam - Photos: François Calil, Amit Eshel

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The Chill Out on Ypy Poty was a perfectly designed place to relax, get inspired by alternative music, communicate and sleep. It was decorated very nicely and lay directly at the beach a few hundered meters from the dancefloor. Anyhow I recognized it was quite deserted most of the times and in the night mostly used to sleep than to talk and relax. This was a pity to the brilliant chill-out dj's that played. Brasilians seem not to be in a chill mood right now... Anyhow a major event here was the performance of the native indians of the Guarani Tribe - the party people were impressed by their trance dance as well as were the Guarani Indians by this peaceful event.

DJ Giuliano (left) is trying to raise interest in Chill Out in Brasil by organising Chill Out's for Trance Festivals and even Chill Out Parties itself.

Good Morning - Breakfast!
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