Ace Ventura - Rebirth

Album review by Roberdo

Author: Roberdo
Date: Oct 5, 2007
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Already knowing Ace Ventura as kind of guarantee for a cutting edge liveset on sunny festivals, I was pretty euphoric when getting his new album. Although Yoni Oshrat from Israel already released dozens of tracks on several compilations under this moniker, this is the first official Ace Ventura album. The first track is a wonderful intro which leads us into the remarkable deep soundscapes of this CD. The journey continues with demanding basslines, well- arranged percussions and nice melodies. There is quite a big variation within the several tracks: Some are more minimal, concentration on only few psychedelic sounds. Others are more twisted an acid- drenched. But always there is a pretty positive vibe in the tracks and this certain driving moment. The production quality is definitely top notch. This might depend on Yoni´s really huge musical background. Having already released three albums under his Psysex moniker and several tracks with his Children Of The Doc project he definitely knows his craft. For me this album represents kind of perfect open air festival sound, psychedelic but also tidied up, cheerful but also adult. When I remember Yoni partying just like a normal visitor after his gig on No Mans Land festival I realize that this dude still knows what it is all about: Great Party. And thats what this album stands for.



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