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Author: Roberdo
Date: Jul 30, 2007
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What was your gig- highlight?

We played many great clubs and parties all over the world, but the one that really left a huge impression on both of us was the gig at the Ministry Of Sound in New Delhi in India. When you arrive in New Delhi for the first time you loose every kind of perspective. It´s completely different from the Western world. We brought a cameraman and decided to explore the city and film the people the days after playing with Indian superstars Jalebee Cartel. An overwhelming mixture of colours, smells and noises. The poverty in this unfair society is heartbreaking but the people are really fascinating and warm. To be treated as rock stars and playing for the elite while you see the slums when you open the curtains of your 5 star hotel suite is hard to deal with. Although we have mixed up feelings about the country we would never wanted to miss this and we´d love to go back.

Please tell one really curious incident!

Years ago i played in Warsaw solo and there is really not a crazier crowd than the Polish! During my set, i was playing vinyls, people jumped and climbed on the DJ booth and my records scratched, skipped and bumped like crazy. I was really freaking out, until this big guy lay his hand on my shoulder and said ´no worry Yves Eaux.., people here crazy.. you good DJ, we love you! LOOK!!´ he pointed at the punters in the club and they were really having a blast... So i just went a long with the bumpy Polish vibe and rocked the place for hours.

What was your worst fuckup?

Hmmm... We are not the type of guys to really fuck up things. We are always well prepared for traveling and we are quite serious about our music and performances. But one of the most funny things we had was during a trip in the car to Germany. We were the four of us towards a gig and listening some music. You know how it works, everyone has brought music and we were all telling our verdicts on the music as a jury. One certain moment i played a new track LeRon and i did a few weeks back. And suddenly LeRon says while chilling on the backseat `Damn! what an excellent groove´ i watched my rear view mirror and i saw on his face that he was serious. So said `LeRon, we made this!´ He said `No man, this is so damn good, that is not us! Do you think i wouldn´t recognize our own music ?´ I decided to just to wait a minute, turned the volume up... and guess who was singing in the break of the track... LeRon!!! Everybody in the car pissed themselves!

Your most successful production?

One of our first releases was `Living In A New World´ using our Nocando moniker. It was signed by Tobi of Greed for his label SOG Records and that record brought us directly in the spotlights. The track was licensed to Marco V´s combinations mix album and also to Oliver Moldan & Pedro Flores - Germany vs Switzerland mix CD. Since we both love this track so much, we decided to rework it for our forthcoming live (concert) show. Surprisingly our music is from day one supported by a wide range of deejays throughout the whole house music spectrum. From deep underground to the more popular sound.

What about your personal technical development?

We produce quite a lot of music. Besides the 12 inches and the forthcoming album we do a lot of remixes, working in other genre´s and for different kind of purposes. We do music for TV commercials, soundtracks and music DVD´s. So we are developing constantly. After we played a one/off live concert performance for this big charity event Respect Rulez we are all excited about going playing a full live show. And playing a good live show instead of just pressing a play button and jump around needs good technical research to get the right set-up that suits you most. We are in the middle of this as we speak.

Your favorite festival?

We really love the Extrema festival here in Holland, although the name doesn´t suggest it is a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere with quality line ups.

Your biggest influences?

That is hard to tell, because we are not pigeonholed and influenced daily when it comes to music. We both like atmospheric music. The one artist we both really love is David Sylvian. Former singer of new wave/new romantic pop group Japan (from the 80´s) and for years making solo the most beautiful ambient music. And when it comes to electronic music there is really so much great music out there.

Best remix done for you?

OOFF... That is really a hard question. We couldn´t just pick one title. Being remixed is always a lot of fun. When people do an inspiring piece of music using elements you created is always a blessing. There are a lot of talents out there who will be the stars of tomorrow. People like; Cbass & Mikobene, Audionova, Fine Taste, Elegant Universe and Duca. Look em up on the web.

Very important moments in your musical history?

We are working in music for a very long time now, in fact we both haven´t done anything else ever... So it ranges from playing with A-HA (LeRon) to working with Phil Collins (Yves Eaux) to celebrating a gold record. I guess the start of us forming a duo while sitting on a terrace on the old square in Prague drinking to many bottles of red wine. And more recently being asked to remix double Grammy Award winning band Deep Forest for worldwide release was also something we really enjoyed. But as optimistic as we are; The best things still have to come!

What was your biggest compliment?

D-Nox: `The most pumping tracks in Holland are made by LeRon & Yves Eaux, amazing drive and pure dance orientated.´

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