Klangstrahler Projekt - Pick Me Off The Dirt

Review on the brand new album

Author: Roberdo
Date: Oct 16, 2007
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Kangstrahler Projekt - Pick Me Off The Dirt

Klangstrahler Projekt is back with a brand new album. Pretty interesting issue because these dudes defined some kind of really individual, innovative style in the late nineties. Connecting classical acoustic band music with trance they created an unique style. They worked together with symphonic orchestras, opera singers or famous drummers which was pretty unusual and new back then. Already one of their first releases, the “Nexxus” EP being released on Freeform Records in 1998 became a big hit within the trance scene. And I will never forget their unbelievable “Multidifferent”, which took me to one of my deepest trance dance experiences in 1999… So Gero Bode and his guitarist Mark Eichenseher already have a really impressing musical background.

“Pick me off the dirt” is the third Klangstrahler album and again it represents the musical skills and wide horizons of the producers. Starting with a wonderful acoustic piano intro, the journey continues with some great downbeat tracks. Again there are lots of acoustic instruments used in the first tracks like violins or even a mouth organ. And of course there is this unique Klangstrahler guitar sound floating upon the sea- deep basses and dreamy vocals. Perfect music to open a trance stage in the dusk of a warm summer evening. All the tracks are faded into each other and so guarantee a continuous trip. In the middle of the CD there are 3 tracks aiming the dancefloor. Rolling grooves, rocking guitar riffs… Great stuff for all trance freaks! The mood chills down again and there are some more deep and sophisticated downbeat tracks, great vocals create a very easy atmosphere. Gorgeous stuff especially for open air events!

Again Klangstrahler Project prove their selves to be independent from any style restrictions on the one hand and remarkable innovative on the other. The production quality is great and the integration of acoustic instruments and vocals has been perfected. This album is acoustic syrup, I just don’t know which dirt I should pick these dudes off…
Review by: Roberdo

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