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Author: Mikadho
Date: Sep 10, 2007
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Finally it has appeared: the first album by Prahlad Born in 1975 in Ecuador, then moving to the Netherlands and finally Germany, Prahlad has been addicted to music since his early youth, due his work as a drummer and keyboarder in several bands.

Many years later, after a successful course to become an audio engineer at the School of Audio Engineering in Holland, he started his electronic project.

After several chillout and psy releases on lables like \"Avatar\", \"Midijum\", or \"Wakyo\", his first LP recently appeared on Yellow Sunshine Explosion.

The journey begins with a \"Homage to R A Moog\", featuring a perfectly arranged intro, and concludes after 10 tracks with a beautiful ambient outro. This is also one of the special characteristics of this album. It is not a pure \"DJ-Tool\": it\"s a whole story. Prahlad was able to combine a mixture of psychedelic, full on and progressive Trance on one album. Never long winded, \"heard it a 1000 times\", or random; everything has been produced to the point, however, still manages to be playful, and blends together into a perfect whole. Outstanding is \"Astronauts\", a groovy morning track, which strongly reminds me of Liquid Soul, which is probably due to the sample used. On the psy side of things \"Man Up\" is my personal favourite. Punchy full on which turns every floor into a boiling cauldron, as was the case at the Fusion Festival this year amongst others.

All in all this is a classy debut by Prahlad, from who we will surely hear a lot more of in the future!
New tracks are already under way, you can find more info about his project at:

Track by track:

1. Homage To R A Moog (142 bpm)
Nice intro track with a groovy old school beat, and perfect for opening a Sunday morning set.

2. Meditation (144 bpm)
Track two starts off more crisp, a rolling full on bass drives through the whole track,
but is then slowed down a bit by a lovely atmospheric melody, and for this reason is also very suitable for a morning set..

3. Man Up (145 bpm)
From this track things really get going, powerful full on with a crystal clear production,
and the highlight of this album, not only for me personally:
DJane Domino already licensed this track for her Wakyo Records compilation in 2006.

4. Psyched (145 bpm)
Classic isra full on track, but without any enervating racket,
thanks to the beautiful vocals surely the ladies will like this one particularly ;-)

5. Astronauts (144 bpm)
From here on things become a bit more smooth again. This is progressive Trance
with nice melodic elements which \"as I said before- strongly remind me of Liquid Soul.
The track develops a special drive due to its relatively fast speed for prog trance.

6. Shantified (138 bpm)
This is the old school track of this album. It strongly reminds me of the 90\"s where the boundary
between trance and psychedelic trance was not still so apparent, and it was still simply just about \"trance\"

7. Movements Of Consciousness (145 bpm)
This track also sounds more old schoolish. Rave melodies paired with many samples and vocals.
Very good arrangement.

8. Illusion (134 bpm)
Brain Bug is back! Orchestral sounds in grooving 134 beats.
A great track for when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing through the backdrops.

9. Raver For Life (130 bpm)
The recurrent theme continues throughout the album\"the tempo slows down a bit,
the beats are more relaxed. Regardless of this it\"s still suitable for the floor,
in large part due to the great breaks in the track.
Or one to listen to on the way back from the party waaaay loud ;-)
Very nice track!

10. Sundram (114 bpm)
This track was already one of the high lights on the \"Cafe Goa\" compilation by Avatar Records.
Stylistically this track is located somewhere between downbeat and chill out,
and again features great vocals\"a great ending for an integral album.


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