H2O Records - iDrop

Author: Juggler
Date: Jan 27, 2007
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H20 Records - iDrop

Promotional Thread

H2O Records, the new Label of Alien Project, Space Cat, Save the Robot, Quadra and lots more...
A Trance figuration is imminent and once again we will all be able to bathe in the bliss of beautiful music, brought from the Heavens to quench our thirsty souls.
H20, the newly arrived, Israel based, Record Label will be prompting this resurrection.The just birthed brainchild of Ari Linker (the mighty Alien Project), this is going to be an adventure into the cutting-edge sound of NOW, so that we might glimpse the Future!
Ari has joined forces with the indomitable Space cat (Avi Algranati) and the superlative Quadra (Ido Liran). In essence, what we have here is a Holy Trinity of top trance talent, whose aims are clear to reinvigorate a scene which seems more static than psychedelic.
Space cat and Quadra provide the two parts Hydrogen, while Alien Project is the one part Oxygen which, combined, will breathe life back into the bodies of all who love to dance.
Just as music is fundamental for the flourishing of our happiness and joy.At last, all those who thirst for fantastic tunes will be rewarded not a moment too soon.\'iDrop\' marks the maiden voyage for the \'water boys\' at H20 and is a debut compilation album of great beauty, featuring ten sensational tracks from some of the foremost recording artistes of the genre.

Track list:

1 – H2O Team – I Dose
2 – Space Cat Vs. Pixel – Clear Test Signal
3 – Save The Robot – I Am A Robot
4 – Shanti – Proton Pump
5 – Quadra – L.S.D Came Falling Down
6 – Dynamic – When You Mix
7 – Alien Project Vs. Sirius Isness – Fusic
8 – Dual Core – Synergy
9 – Orion – Surreal Expansion
10 – Space Cat – Kreak Part 2


Here comes the first compilation of a promissing new label...her war name is H2O and the team consists in some of the most well known names in trance scene...let’s listen.

iDrop starts with a track done by H2O Team, namely Alien Project, Space Cat and Quadra...it has a solid and fat bassline, some synth sounds that I recognised from another Space Cat tracks, some expansive morning melodies, quiet and nice construction.

The second one is a collaboration by Space Cat and Pixel...it has a fat and groovy bassline, some strong melodies with a lot of industrial sounds on it...the only thing I don’t like is the sample ”This is a test of frequency instruments, bass, drums, distortion, artifacts”, the sample is nice but is repeated so many times.

Track 3 is done by Save The Robot, project by Alien Project and Quadra...it has a strong and groovy kickbassline full of breaks – one of my favourite things in Save the Robot is the energy that his breaks gives to the tracks...it has too nice morning melodies and a voice sample “I Am a Robot” – this could be repeated less times but its good anyway :)

Track 4 is called “Proton Pump” and is done by Shanti...it has a nice groovy bassline, a great work with the hihats and some synth sounds that makes me remember some Oforia tracks...it has an evolving contruction till the middle, but from 4:00m its very similar till the end and I think starts to be a bit repetitive...

Track 5 is done by Quadra and take us into a more commercial style of trance...groovy and powerful bassline, some pacific and morning melodies, nice breaks, it has a nice rhythm but its not my style at all :(

Track 6 is done by Dynamic and is a bit more hard and psychedelic...it has a groovy and rhythmic bassline, some synth acid sounds going in and out, dark and fractal melodies taking us to space...it’s definitely the most electrising track on this compilation :)

Track 7 is another good collaboration, this time Alien Project with Sirius Isness...this track could be really great if there wasn’t the Madonna vocals on it...I like Madonna tracks but here I think they not feet very well...great morning melodies, groovy and strong bassline, good contruction, just the vocals are bad.

Dual Core gives us the 8th element, that is into a more calm and experimental side of fullon...some uplifting melodies, a different but very nice bassline mixed with some spiritual noises that seems women vocals with some filters, very relaxed and groovy.

Track 9 is done by the well known Orion and continues in the same relaxed mood of the last track...it has a dry bassline, some dreamy pads, all the track has a pacific soundscape on it, very mellow and smooth.

Track 10 is a piece of art, my favourite from Space Cat of all of his (many) previous works...this track has a great introspective effect, everytime I listen it makes me remember of past...fat bassline, beautiful morning melodies, there is no words for describing it, just listen :)

I think H20 started very nice with this first release...it shows their kind of sound that in my opinion is very great, some tracks has much vocals but in general we have nice psychedelic trance here, in the majority more fullon oriented.


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler


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