Musical history in 9 records...

Author: Antix
Date: Aug 30, 2007
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Antix: Mucial History in 9 records

1. Pink Floyd - The Wall.
Early days, part of Mum and dads record collection. Got to see then live when I was 10!

2. The Orb - UFOrb
The LSD and mushroom years...beyond beyond

3. The Pixies - Doolittle
Killer alternative rock..still holds it today

4. Plastikman - Consumed
Deep as F#%&K. original stuff from the minimal maestro

5. Massive Attack - Blue lines
Super lush emotional trip hop..yep, those were the days

6. The Smiths - Queen is Dead
Yep, some say it was quite depressing, but you either like Morrissey or hate him..we dug his styles

7. Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet
Tough fat beats with something to say! Stand up!!!

8. Ticon - Rewind
Was very influential in our journey, Ticons amazing debut album blew our heads off;)

9. Minilogue - Animals
As yet not released but in our minds its the Pink Floyd the Wall

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