Get Wicked & Break Out – Live with DNA

Interview with Dna by Divyan Salotra

Author: Divyan Salotra
Date: Aug 22, 2007
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The well-known duo from Israel popularly known as DNA has enjoyed much success in the recent past. Witnessing a turn up of more than ten thousand people in exotic locations like Brazil and Russia inspired them to reach the higher echelons of the industry. They recently released the single “Get Wicked”; the immediate success of which, has left a lot of listeners wanting more. Here are a few thoughts that Eitan and Zeev shared about their upcoming album- Break Out!

Divyan: First and foremost Chaishop would like to congratulate you on the success of your latest release `Get Wicked´. What now, should the listeners expect from DNA?

Eitan: Well we believe that we are now a more focused and unified duo. We have shaped our new style and sound so that people can hear track and without knowing the details - they can exclaim ‘Hey, that sounds like DNA!’ We believe this is another step on the ladder that takes you to the top.

Divyan: A few words on the style and philosophy of this album? How does it distinct itself from the previous DNA releases?

Zeev: We like to think of our style as Intelligent Full On. We like melodies and vocals to be present in most of our productions. We also pay close attention to ‘music power’ and ‘good sound’. A lot of effort goes to make the kick and bass line. We believe that after our first album we learnt a lot about sound production and the style that we wanted DNA to represent. This time around, everything is a lot more professional.

Divyan: DNA seems to have come a long way, Could you give the readers an epitome of your experience to reach this stage?

Eitan: I can tell you that there is now short way to get there. You need to work hard make music all the time and release as many tracks as you can. Try to get your own unique sound, and in the early days, its extremely important to have good promotion and know promoters around the world. The best is to break out, be innovative and find something new that no one has done before. Of course, that is also, the most challenging of all tasks!

Divyan: Where do you plan to take things from here?

Zeev: We always try to do better than what we have done in the past and its always become more and more difficult to do so. We don’t want to sound the same as the last time so we try to think about something new, something different and not produce according to a formula. We will be happy to make different styles in music and not just trance; but for now we don’t find the time for that.

Divyan: A day in the life of DNA?

Eitan: We wake up; morning coffee is a must, which is at times accompanied with breakfast. Checking for important messages is top priority. If any, we deal with them; if not, then its time to head to the studio and start our day. We listen to some music - it could be anything from electronic music to Israeli music, trance, house, dance or what ever… and then we are start to work on our music.

There is no time when we finish with work. It depends on how we are feeling and how we are flowing with the track. Other important work involves replying to e-mails, handling our My Space account and the DNA website amongst other things. Oh yea, we do eat something in between!

Divyan: If Life were a book, those who do not travel would only read a page. Can you tell us about your diverse experiences around the globe?

Eitan & Zeev: Well, we believe that we have a great opportunity to see the world and we are very lucky in this manner. It opens your eyes to see a lot of people & a lot of cultures. It allows you to see things from another’s point of view, to know and make friends all around, to taste a lot of exotic food and drinks. But along with all that, everything is not bright and sunny. There are times when you wish that you were back home…times when you miss your girl, your friends and family and of course, the studio.

Divyan: You were recently hosted by Shivlink Records in India. What are your thoughts about the land where Goa-trance originated?

Eitan: It was always my dream was to visit mother India. I had never been there before and I was very happy to travel a bit with one of my best friends- Chen. I played in New Delhi, Chennai (almost!) and in Pune. I traveled to Dharamsala, Vashisht and Manali during my visit. There is vast energy in the world. Its something that if you never been to India, you can never understand. You need to be there and experience the country with its beautiful landscape. The people are very nice and there is lots to see.

I was hosted by Shivlink, who took care of me all along the tour. All the time I was in India, they felt like a family. I played at the Shivlink nature party in the capital city, New Delhi. It was a killer party and very good energy for me. It’s a sweet special memory for me from mother India.

I believe that after you have been to India, two things will happen to you –

- You will never be the same!
- You will already want be back to India again!

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