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Trance scene in Spain

Author: Sergio Diez
Date: Jul 18, 2007
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Sun, siesta and psychedelic fiestas in Spain

With no major festivals over the summer and the club scene showing little growth, many might ask “Is Trance dead in Spain?” No!! New blood is coming from the younger generations while the elders take a rest.

In Barcelona, Sindar collective with DJ Fiuzz at the controls have been hosting great indoor parties as well as the best NYE festival in years. Then we have Muskaria-Trykomadelik  and the LUNATIK crew with parties in Casal del Guirnardó and weekly sessions @ La Bohème. Lazy Trancers throw parties and some progressive sessions in Club La Fira and Virusnet Café celebrated its 5th anniversary with a little outdoor party in 2006.

In Madrid, the Sinergia collective had several parties as well as a small open-air. Furthur collective celebrated 10 years in Trance with a big party near Madrid and Mithology still put on some small raves.

Selenium@Ya’sta Club remains alive with its weekly sessions and in the Valencia-Alicante area, Tribe of Frog continue their magical parties. Ganesha Space Garden organised some raves with Delisyd and Kantala Sound System and Psylove also had a little activity.

Otherwise, La Pura Vida held parties on the tiny enchanted island of La Gomera and in the South of the country, Psylocibe Sound, Green Planet and United Tribes continue to serve a small core of trancers.

The island of Ibiza keeps on attracting international artists to its shores and Ibidelyc Crew hold lots of different events across the island. Together with 3D Vision records they are conducting a new experiment in sound with their ambient label and will be releasing the first CD shortly. Other labels include Materia Records, Spain’s first Full-on label, CPU’s Nutek Records and Spun Records who’s new chill out division, Nice Dreams Music have just released their first compilation “Multiple Organisms”.



  • Population: 40 million
  • Four official languages: Castellan (Spanish), Basque, Catalan, Galician
  • Sun, snow, beaches, Fiesta and great food





Sergio Diez

Ya´sta Club promoter and 60´s Psy- Rock DJ


Date: May 31, 2007
Text: Sergio Diez
Photos: Sergio Diez
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"


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