Crazy vibes and psychedelic sounds

The trance scene in Poland

Author: Panza
Date: Sep 19, 2007
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Crazy vibes and psychedelic sounds in Poland

Psychedelic Trance in still very much an underground music in Poland, but with more Psy artists appearing each year, you can still have a great time at parties. Soon we will be famous for more than just beautiful women, our great mathematicians, chemists and the last Pope...

Everything began in Warsaw in 1995, when Tromesa started to make tunes and the first Polish compilation from Poland was released: DJ Dreddy’s “DJ Choice vol. 1” with tunes from Tromesa, Astral Projection, Etnica, etc. After this, a new era began and DJs such as Sesiz, Bongo, Panza and Gobit started to organise Goa Trance parties in Warsaw and then, thanks to DJs Atan and Elf, other cities were infected as well.

In Poland you can find all kinds of events from Acid Techno to Psytrance, from Hip Hop to D'n'B; catering for anything from 90 to 900 people. Party folk are always very friendly, love to chat with international visitors and will gladly help them with sightseeing. The main Polish Trance hotspots are currently Gdansk/Gdynia and Warsaw, where parties with international DJs are regularly organised by Hallabanaha, Toga Dansverg, Pancer Productions and S.C.C. You can also find nice, smaller parties in Poznan and Krakow organised by Uridium, Spiral Active and Pulsar Tranceformation. We are also fortunate to have outstanding UV deco artists such as Raia, Neila and Busiu and VJ's like Zambari, Mastabaniak and IK to make our parties all the more colourful.

In the past, we had some amazing Aspect of Valor open-air festivals, held in Warsaw by the Vistula river in a great fortress built in 1852. However now you can enjoy an exciting atmosphere at the annual Moondala festival by the sea near Gdansk. This is a good opportunity to meet people from all over the country and beyond, enjoy great music and get a tan ;).

Poland has also seen an explosion in terms of artists and producers with releases on international labels and increasingly regular appearances abroad. Our main ambient producers are Aural Planet and Sundial, but other styles of Psy are covered by artists like Lightsphere, Kino Oko, Panza, Z-Piorunochron and Oldschool legends Bigwigs  who’ll be releasing "National Heroes Of Sonic Pasmanteria" in February 2007. We also have Dark Life Records, a new Polish label focusing on Dark Psy that has had releases with artists such as Terminator, Sungirl and Multi Evil.

I hope our scene will keep on developing and what more can I say: come and visit us!  There are many low-fare airlines available!



  • Population: 38,000,000
  • Average party price: 4 euros-Price of the beer in a club: 2.2 euros
  • Hundreds of varieties of vodka
  • Drugs are illegal






Promoter and founder of Pancer Prod., label DJ and marketing manager for PointZero records

"Give love and receive Love"

Date: Sep 19, 2007
Text: Panza
Photos: Panza
Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"


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