Troubleshooting Chaishop Music News

Author: sam
Date: Jun 15, 2007
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If you have problems listening to Chaishop Music News please read this

Troubleshooting Chaishop Music News

When I click on the "Listen" link my media player opens but nothing happens

Some people have this problem - we actually don't know why. Alternatively to listening to the the show by streaming (which is the method we use with the listen links) you may:

1) subscribe to the Podcast as documented at

2) open the RSS feed in your browser. Firefox and Safari would now display the different shows and you can click on one of them to download it. However Internet Explorer might not lead you to the desired result.

- Chaishop Music News (contains Chaishop Bleep):

- Chaishop Bleep (if you only want to receive Chaishop Bleep):

3) listen to the show via our flash player which you can find at

How can I download Chaishop Music News?

See the above topic. Podcast downloads all shows automatically and by clicking on the RSS feed you can download selectively.

I have problems not addressed here

Consult a shaman or write to

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