Chaishop Music News 065

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Date: May 31, 2007
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The latest releases, Olli Wisdom (Space Tribe - Australia) in Interview. Tripy Live Set.

Date: May 30, 2007

Chaishop Music News 065

Chaishop Music News presents the latest alternative electronic music releases (Psychedelic Trance, Progressive Trance, Chillout, Electro and Minimal Techno) - weekly from Hamburg, Germany.

This show is being presented by DJ It features an interview with Gzi & Olli Wisdom (Space Tribe - Australia). Gzi is talking about the music of her father and about her house. Olli is not talking about his house. He is talking about live sets with live instruments - today and yesterday, the importance of performances, selling records with his own label, making money with music and his new compilation.

After the show we got a fullon set of the new artist Tripy that is soon going to release his debut album "SHAMANIK CONCEPT".

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  • [Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
  • Compilation: Fantasia - Barak vs. Shove - Take out your brain (Hadra)
  • Album: Sonic Algebra - Logic Bomb - Jack in the box (Solstice)
  • Compilation: Fantasia - Rastaliens - Dirty Pigs (Hadra)
  • Album: Sonic Algebra - Logic Bomb - Insanity Instantly (Solstice)
  • Compilation: Kaleidoscopic Vision - Inner Action - Star Track (Space Tribe)
  • Interview: Gzi & Olli Wisdom (Space Tribe - Australia)
  • Compilation: Kaleidoscopic Vision - Space Specimen - Ticket to Oblivion (Space Tribe)
  • Album: Sonic Algebra - Logic Bomb - Reverser (Solstice)
  • Album: Plugged - Bitmonx & DJ Fabio - Plugged (Plusquam)
  • Album: Plugged - Bitmonx & DJ Fabio - Ghost Remix (Plusquam)
  • Album: Plugged - Bitmonx & DJ Fabio - Control (Plusquam)

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