Psytropic Records - Light Stream

Compiled by Chemicus

Author: Juggler
Date: Dec 23, 2006
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Psytropic Records – Light Stream
Compiled by Chemicus

Promotional Thread

Play Entire CD...The real enlightening and fresh power is locked on \"Light Stream\" - the new compilation of PsyTropic Records! The listener will get an impressive collection of only full power tracks straight from the beginning with 145 BPM sound works by Basic, Polaris & Tikal, PsyNina, Neuromotor, Hydrogen, Miditec & Psytekk, Elec3, Sixsense, Tegma and PsyPilot with Stella Nutella. Any of these ten exklusive and unreleased tracks comes from the real darkness - the other side of the stream to enter finally into the glowing strength of Light. Feel the experience in the tracks - the tricky and intelligent arrangement and all its ingredients for discovering another stage of psychedelic trance music. \"Light Stream\" invites you to visit a new massive sound experience with PsyTropic Records ! Touch the Stream and listen...

Track list:

1 – PsyNina – The Legend Sophia Scholl
2 – Basic – Toyster
3 – Hydrogen – Aftertouch
4 – Polaris feat. Tikal – Dynamic Swell
5 – Neuromotor – Drumatik Vision
6 – Sixsense – Infused Sinth
7 – Miditec vs. Psytekk – Syntax Error
8 – Elec3 – Acidtest
9 – Tegma – Satellite
10 – PsyPilot vs. Stella Nutella – Pluto


This one has been released at some months ago but it has so nice tracks that I think it deserves a review.

Track 1 is done by the mysterious PsyNina and starts the compilation in a progressive psychedelic dark has a power and strong bassline, some industrial noises, agressive start :)

Track 2 is done by Basic and take us into a more melodic and rhythmic mood...killer kick / bassline, nice open hihats, some morning melodies going around, really nice breaks, my favourite from Basic till now.

Track 3 is done by Hydrogen and is another morning has a pacific atmosphere, some quiet psy synths, some percussions and a great melody for finishing a party.

Track 4 is a nice collaboration from Polaris and has that Polaris’s strong and groovy bassline, some woman vocal samples marking the compasse, nice morning synths, I just think it could have more variations but it still sounds good.

Track 5 is done by Neuromotor and is a bit more agressive and has a groovy bassline, some playful and acid synths and a lot of industrial snares, I think in this one more for a psychedelic night time.

Track 6 by Sixsense has a nice start, with a strong and fat bassline and a lot of industrial hihats, but after some time I think that the track seems to be really similar till the end, too boring.

Track 7 is my favourite has a killer and strong kick bassline, great morning synths, nice open hihats and a kind of a spanish classic guitar that gives a very funny and happy mood to the track :)

Track 8 is done by Elec3 and seems to be another morning fullon has a very deep and spacy feeling, fat and groovy bassline, a lot of psy synths coming and going, a nice and warm construction, maybe for a summer sunshine :)

Track 9 is done by Tegma and is a bit more slow (140 Bpm)...I don’t like to much this one, it sounds like a techno trance track with a minimal construction...besides this, has a vocal sample that is repeating almost all track long, not my style.

For finishing the compilation, Chemicus choosed a collaboration from Psypilot and Stella’s a very atmospheric track, with some pacific synths making you go into a relaxed morning mood...great for the ending.

This is for me the best compilation from Psytropic till now, we have here a great selection of tracks and styles, from progressive to fullon, with a bit of minimal and favourites are 2, 4, 7 and 8 :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Dj Juggler

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