Omnimotion - Dream Wide Awake

Aleph Zero Records

Author: Juggler
Date: Nov 16, 2006
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Omnimotion – Dream Wide Awake
Aleph Zero Records

Promotional Thread

After four years of recording, producing and composing new music in his Ambium Studio...based in Stockholm, Sweden, Omnimotion is finally back with a second album.

Utilizing inspirations and knowledge he picked up along his very diverse musical path, Stefan has created Dream Wide Awake. The album contains the best musical gems that were carefully chosen from the music that accumulated in this four year period. It is a beautifully mellow yet optimistic album, with a strong acoustic presence. Dream Wide Awake is an incredibly diverse album.

It features eight different vocalists- from a rapper to an opera singer- and many guest musicians with an array of instruments including the violin, accordion, guitar, drums, harp and flute. The outcome hovers between the electronic and the acoustic, the hypnotic and the melodic, between abstract ambient and mellow songs, between dubby songs and IDM glitches. Omnimotion weaves and paints here an emotional musical journey that must not be missed and will leave you dreaming wide awake.

Track list:

01. Nothingness
02. Being
03. Days of Silence (feat. Aleah)
04. Wide Awake (feat. Krister Linder)
05. Une Autre Vie
06. Elves of Athoria
07. Cozy Life
08. Dubber
09. Japan
10. Purple Sky (feat. Adam Perski)
11. Electronic Love
12. Open My Heart
13. Ton Image


Here we have another release by Aleph Zero Records, this time the second Omnimotion album.

Nothingness starts the album in a quiet tribal could be the perfect soundtrack for the movie “Kids” when the morning has a lot of organic instruments, all with the electronic touch.

Being comes more into downbeat has some woman voice samples that are a delight for our ears...a lot of pacific sensations here.

Days of Silence has some pumping beats that together with Aleah voice really takes you in a voyage, maybe into the past or a future very far away...delicious in a rainy day :)

In the title track we go to a more dubbier has some spacey and futuristic tunes, all very deep, that together with the organic instruments and the beautiful voice of Krister Linder does a great dub track.

Une Autre Vie is another kind of dub track but this time with a bit more dark has some voice samples that I really don’t like too much.

Elves of Athoria take us into the medieval and celtic times...with some voice samples and classic instruments, this track is like a time travel to the past celtic castles Saturday night parties :)

Cozy Life present us a downbeat journey into has a lot of digital and organic sounds, all of them very subtle and quiet...

Dubber is another peaceful experience...downbeat tempo, bass line full of effects with some strange percussions, very nice.

Japan is a bit more rhythmic and happy...some downbeats, submerged in the voice samples, another great one for listening at the start of a new day, after a long and hot night :)

Purple Sky goes directly into trip hop style...some quiet beats and beats, pacific atmosphere, I just don’t like the singer collaboration.

Electronic Love is like the name says more digital and’s in a downbeat tempo, some synth sounds coming in and out, nice production.

Open My Heart take us again to some celtic celebration, with some beautiful women with tunics dancing around and bonfires in the ground...another time there is organic and synth sounds all mixed between.

Ton Image comes to finish the album...leave us in some downbeat fields, with some woman vocal samples too...great morning tunes, all very calm and relaxed.

This Omnimotion album is for me a bit strange, because by one side (the construction of the tracks, the organic instruments, the production) I love it, but by other (vocals) I hate it :) So, reviewing it by my personal taste, 4/10, musically speaking 8/10, what gives


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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