Chilled C'Quence - Magic Sense

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Author: Juggler
Date: Oct 10, 2006
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Chilled C’Quence – Magic Sense
Amboworld Records

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\'Magic Sense\' is the long awaited debut album from Chilled C\'quence...and the 3rd release in the Amboworld catalogue. Previous albums are from Hoopy Frood and Sounds from the Ground.
\'Magic Sense\' continues our journey to explore Ambient soundscapes and to bring you something different from the norm in downtempo music.
Chilled C quence has been presented strongly in important events inside the Portuguese trance movement, as well as in the unforgettable boom festival 2004, with a live presentation of \'magic sense\' in the ambient area. So take a trip and check out this beautiful piece of sonic work.

Track list:

1 – Dawn Era
2 – Chill In Natura
3 – Collective Memories
4 – Magic Sequence
5 – In a Row
6 – The Legacy
7 – Form of Life
8 – Space Breath
9 – Circular Structure


After listen to their live presentations at some parties, I’m very happy to have here the debut album from Chilled C’Quence :)

In track 1 we are invited to enter in Chilled atmosphere with a pacific and quiet downbeat track, with some morning-farm sounds...some psychedelic elements coming in and out, always very relaxed.

Track 2 is very rhythmic and has some dubbier percussions that goes really has too some ethnic tunes mixed with some synth sounds, allways with that rhythmic and danceable kick bass line.

Track 3 has some indian digital has some electronic and cosmic little sounds, some women vocal samples and for another time a kick bassline very melodic and rhythmic.

Track 4 is one of my’s more electronic and pumping, it has some spacey vocals, mixed with some synth sounds that looks like organic instruments...really nice for any hour at any place :)

Track 5 – In a Row – continues the bright downbeat atmosphere with some slow deep gives your mind a very pacific and floating feeling.

Track 6 come to us in a smooth and dreamy arabic has a great percussive dub environment, mixed with some beautiful and simple sounds.

Track 7 – Form of Life – has again that downbeat kick bassline formula, full of rhythmic sounds that gives the track a very danceable has too other synth instruments very clearly and peaceful.

Track 8 is another pleasure for our ears and’s a bit more agressive and dark, it has an individual character and I think can be more night-oriented.

Circular Structure is going to end the album very has some psychedelic tunes mixed with some cheesy sounds that gives the track a very spatial and deep sunny feeling.

In my opinion, this debut album from Chilled C’Quence is a must-have for any chillout addicted...all tracks have his own soundscapes, all very deep and rhythmic...for me it’s one of the best chillout releases of this year :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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