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Author: Juggler
Date: Sep 29, 2008
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VA – HadravisionHadra RecordsPromotional Thread

Hadra Records is happy to introduce you 'Hadravision': first ambient compilation of the label...selected by Mic(aka Nun) and Sysyphe, both Dj and ambient composers.
With the idea to gather various sensibilities in the same compilation such as Adham Shaikh, Irina Mikahailova, Aes Dana, Kick Bong and other appearing artists, Hadra suggests you this opus dedicated to a downtempo and ethnic ambient.
The spirit of this new release is to calm your days, wave after wave, color after color, track after track, variation of rhythm, sound poem, drawing and telling story, vision which is the sound reflection of ambient experience.
Track list:

1 Koala - Trust On You
Mic - Vers luisant
Aes Dana - Chernozem Remix
Kick Bong - Voodoo Beach
Sea Side - Lost Woods
Adham Shaikh - Something Has Happened Remix
Sysyphe - Spellbound
Irina Mikhailova - Nicoya
Terra Nine - Tesla  Review:

After some albums and compilations more oriented for the dancefloors, here comes the first chill out - ambient compilation from Hadra Records. The compilation starts with a nice and quiet track from Koala, called “Trust On You” we can find some pacific downtempo beats, with some sunny and uplifting leads, always in a relaxed atmosphere. Track 2 “Vers luisant” from Mic, is a bit less mellow then the first and with some more introspective has some psychedelic and slightly sounds, always with groovy downbeats and that rhythmic and danceable kick bass line. Track 3 is a remix from “Chernozem” done by Aes Dana...this one joins some electronic and cosmic sounds with a fat and progressive kick bassline, all very dark and rhythmic.    Track 4 is from Kick Bong and is one of my favourites of the’s more electronic and pumping, with some luminous arpeggios and morning melodies, all in a tribal progressive mood. Track 5 “Lost Woods” by Sea Side comes a bit more in a dubbiest has some bright downbeats with some funny and scary sounds, really nice and historic build up, great acid track. Here we have the second remix from our trip, this time “Something Has Happened” remixed by Adham Shaikh...this one comes in a smooth and quiet arabic style, it has a great percussive dub environment, mixed with some deep day sounds. Track 7 is done by Sysyphe and is called “Spellbound” has a smooth and deep bassline, bright leads and some peaceful organic instruments, all very relaxed. Track 8 from Irina Mikhailova “Nicoya”is like a trip to the oriental world, full of ethnic singings and vocals, with lots of rhythmic and danceable percussions.  For ending the compilation comes Terra Nine with “Tesla” has some psychedelic instruments and noises, mixed with some groovy and spatial downbeats, all in a great psychedelic and acid atmosphere.    After listen to the other Hadra releases, I was expecting a chillout compilation a bit more heavy and harder but I think I was wrong, here we have a bit for all tastes, from the more smooth pacific downtempo to the more psychedelic and agressive downbeat, very recommendable, for listening in the fields, at home, in the car, wherever you prefer J 


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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