Side Liner - Emotional Diving

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Author: Juggler
Date: Jul 13, 2006
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Side Liner – Emotional Diving
Cosmicleaf Records

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An emotional diving into deep waters of subconscious!
The diachronic sound environment of this release is dedicated to memories that keep us warm and accompany us in our lives through to the future. Memories that make us laugh or be nostalgic, that make us try for creating a promising future for the new generations.
This debut album includes also remixes & co-productions from label artist’s such as Zero Cult (also release through Yellow Sunshine Explosion/Millennium), Cydelix, D.Batistatos, Percussion Bullet & the Australian artists Arcane Trickster from Tempest Recordings (also releases through Cosmicleaf, Equinox, Green Ant, Earthcore). Except from the chill spaces you will also discover one progressive influenced track remixed by Side Liner.
“Transparent Thought” from the upcoming duo -Percussion Bullet- . This track will first be released on the “Percussion Bullet” debut album “Future Accommodation” through Unicorn Music inside this album you are able to also find the track “walk away” in chill out/breaks remix from Side Liner.

Track list:

1. Morning Dewdrops
2. Screaming Tears (Zero Cult rmx)
3. Emotional Diving
4. Something Beautiful (Is out there mix)
5. Drawing my life
6. Sehnsucht (vs. D. Batistatos)
7. Haunted Thoughts (Cydelix rmx)
8. Memories
9. Transparent Thought (rmx for Percussion Bullet)
10. Something Beautiful (Arcane Trickster rmx)


Here we have the debut album of Side Liner, with some original tracks and some remixes.

The atmosphere of track 1 starts very slowly and peaceful, it gives you something like an “out of body” experience, like if you are seeing something with your eyes closed…by other side, there is a melody that gives a melancholic feeling too.

Track 2 remixed by Zero Cult have a downbeat formula mixed with some beautiful psy tunes, I think more to the sunshine time…some sounds make me think that this is the end of something that it’s not supposed to end…nice sound :)

Track 3 is very lighter…I think it can be the perfect soundtrack for something with an Actimel aspect :) till some time it’s very pleasing but after, it starts to be a bit repetitive…I think it could evolve a little more.

My cat loves this one, the 2 times that I listened near her she started to sleep :) the downbeat sounds are there, very playful and criative...very trippy one, especially for the dark hours.

In track 5 I feel my body like if I’m walking in a dark den, walking very slow...from time to time I can see some light beams coming from the rocks, very bright and peaceful...when comes the break, it seems that I’m finding a lagoon full of water, and here I can choose from two possibilities: to dive into or to come back to the have to listen the rest of the track to know it...very very deep.

Track 6 is very quiet’s a bit repetitive but has a beautiful women singing that gives some movement and some beauty to the track.

Track 7 can be used for a has some trip-hop beats, a groovy and hypnotic bassline that I don’t know why but makes me think in some women defiling on a passerelle...

Track 8 can be called “Puzzle” starts with just one piece and second after second it gains one more piece and another and another till we start to see something, some good progressive chilling stuff :)

Track 9 is a bit more fast (126bpms) has a deep and power bassline in a downtempo mood...another track representing the more progressive side of chillout.

Track 10 gives again the pacific and mellow atmosphere of the ambient music...some psy tunes very inebriate, mixed with a more classic sound but very deep too.

Great surprise this Side Liner debut album , all tracks have a nice construction and progression... very relaxing and perfect for listen after some Summer party.


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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