System Nipel - Deep Into Matter

Trancelucent Productions

Author: Juggler
Date: Jul 8, 2006
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System Nipel – Deep Into Matter
Trancelucent Productions

Promotional Thread

\'Deep Into Matter\' is System Nipels highly anticipated debut album presenting 10 massive dance floor hits, all tested with much success all over the world.
System Nipel are Rubi Yacobov and Anton Lunev both 21, living and producing in their home town Beer Sheva, located in the Southern parts of Israel.
This magical duo already very much known for their brilliant innovative interpretations to sound and production have cooked up an album fit for kings.
This fascinating album includes cooperation\'s with respected acts such as: Electro Sun, Visual Contact, and also includes a cherished chill out rmx to their already released track Unlimited and a blasting remix to The Misted Muppets classic track \'From the legend\' System Nipel take us on an adventure filled with insight and groove, loaded with passion and emotion.
Deep Into Matter succesfuly captures the essence of psychedelic trance, taking it one step further, resulting in this massive release.

Track list:

01 System Nipel - Dream Vision
02 System Nipel - Lift Me Up
03 System Nipel - Steal The Robot
04 System Nipel - Afronomical
05 System Nipel - Deep Into Matter
06 System Nipel - Fairy Telly
07 System Nipel - Quest For The Future
08 System Nipel - Donkey Drunky
09 The Misted Muppet - From The Legend (System Nipel Remix)
10 System Nipel - Unlimited (Chill Out Remix)


System Nipel’s debut album, I hope to listen great morning stuff here :)

Track 1 has a groovy and rhythmic bass line...there are some acoustic guitar sounds very mellow and melodious - seems like some kind of a Sevilhanas track, acomplished by some exotic melodies.

Track 2 with Visual Contact has a strong and mature kick bass line...very nice and open morning melodies, the only thing I don’t like is the woman sing behind.

Track 3 has a groovy and energetic bass line, some quiet psy tunes mixed with some morning melodies and a woman vocal sample more close to the end that gives the track an oriental feeling.

Track 4 starts very pacific and peaceful, has some cheesy and sunny melodies all acomplished by a strong and power bassline.

Track 5 is the title track...has again that strong and power System Nipel’s bassline, some psy sounds full of effects and some morning and quiet melodies...the man’s voice sample in the middle breaks all :(

Track 6 is my favourite has a killer kick bass line, some deep psy sounds mixed with some beautiful sunshine melodies, well choosed samples...and a great construction of all this elements :)

Track 7 could be another great track if there wasn’t that voice has a great construction but that sample broke it completely.

Track 8 has been previously released in Pure Imagination 3 from Utopia...starts very slowly but after the bassline gains more power and the party has a beautiful and mystic melodie that puts a smile in everyone’s face :)

Track 9 is more agressive and fast (148bpm) has a nice construction, some psy sounds very deep and mystic...bassline full of energy and some kind of a horn that gives some power and suspense to the track.

To finish the album we have a downbeat track, very quiet and relaxing, ideal for sofa listening :)

If there wasn’t that voice samples in some tracks I think this album could be one masterpiece...all tracks have great construction and killer basslines, I’m waiting for the next album but please with less woman voice samples :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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