Various Artists - Kwarup

Tupan Records, April 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jun 9, 2006
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Kwarup - compiled by Lennox & Nadi
Label: Tupan Records (Ear Peaks Music Group)
Format: CD
Released: April, 2006


Ear Peaks Music Group is the new overhead project by the people behind the highly respected Israeli progressive label Domo Records. Ear Peaks Music Group contains 3 labels: Domo Records, the original label, releasing progressive psytrance. Gat Music, a new downbeat label, and finally Tupan Records, concentrated on the tribal and clubby trance/house sounds. The debut from Tupan Records, compiled by the two label-DJ\'s Lennox and Nadi has just been released, and the title is \"Kwarup\". On the tracklist we find a bunch of tracks by both new and old artists - mostly unreleased, but also with a few 12\"-rereleases.

01. Leo - New York Vibes [126 BPM]
First track is by Leo, who some might remember from his track \"Music Design Revolution\", which was on Tribal Visions \"Lime Light\" compilation. \"New York Vibes\" doesn\'t impress me as much as my first encounter with his sound - it\'s less trancy, more tribal and housey, and has a slightly gloomy atmosphere. An ok opening-tune.

02. Space Safari - I Should Have Known [130 BPM]
Next up is man of the moment Frank Beckers with the track \"I Should Have Known\", released under his Space Safari project, and a re-release of a 12\" from Vertikal Records. Although Beckers/Space Safari does have a lot of hits lately, I feel his productions are either hit or miss - and this one is a big miss. It does have some positive, smilebringing grooves and naïve melodies, but the male vocals are simply atrocious in my ears.

03. Shuma - Illektro Music (Sonic Lizard Remix) [130 BPM]
\"Illektro Music\" by the Croatian act Shuma was originally released on Tribal Visions \"Lime Light\" compilation, and here we have a remix by Sonic Lizard, which is the musical project of DJ Lennox, the A&R of Tupan Records, who also compiled this compilation. Sonic Lizards remix has toned down the energetic electro-drive from the original, and made it a much funkier tune with strong progressive beats and very positive grooves. Good remix.

04. Chris Cargo - You R [128 BPM]
UK\'s Chris Cargo, known for releases on big progressive labels like Renaissance and Choo Choo is up next with \"You R\". This is a re-release of a 12\" from Kumquat Records, and it\'s a strong tune, that certainly has Cargos quality tribal progressive beats, but doesn\'t excel as one of his absolute best creations. A good track overall though.

05. Absolut & Blade - Crash [130 BPM]
The swiss producer-duo Absolut & Blade have really made their mark on the progressive trance/house scene in the last couple of years, and I personally consider André Absolut one of my absolute favourite producers at the moment - everything he touches seem to turn into gold. \"Crash\" is another re-release from a 12\" from Kumquat Records, and it\'s a dirtier, more electro-driven tune than the standard melodic trance/house from Absolut. It\'s simply packed with techy energy, and it\'s been a big dancefloor hit since it\'s initial release. Great, great stuff.

06. Mirowsky & Thomas Penton - Deep (Mirowsky Remix) [130 BPM]
Thomas Penton is one of the most well-established names in the tribal/progressive house circles, and \"Deep\" is a collaboration with the relatively new Swiss project Mirowsky - in a remix by Mirowky. Knowing that Penton was involved in this, I must say it was a disappointment - bland, uninteresting, without any real development through the track, and lacking Pentons trademark power.

07. Audio Factory - I Am [130 BPM]
Up next is the debut-release for the new Brazilian project Audio Factory consisting of no more than 4 members. \"I Am\" is a deep and slightly gloomy tune with very heavy tribal elements, a haunting male voice-sample and some slightly dark pads here and there. Nothing really groundbreaking here, but this new duo certainly know what they\'re doing - a strong debut.

08. Jokke Ilsoe - Static [130 BPM]
Jokke Ilsoe from Denmark, also known for his involvement in the duo True To Nature, is up next with \"Static\". I love most of his productions, and this one has an understated electro-feel, tight percussion that stands out from the more tribal theme on the rest of the compilation, and subtle melodies and effects, but sadly maybe also too subtle - it didn\'t really grab me as much as I had hoped for.

09. Sonic Lizard - Flower Of Pain [133 BPM]
The last track on the compilation is \"Power Of Pain\" by DJ Lennox\' progressive project Sonic Lizard. It\'s an upbeat progressive house track, which combines the dominant tribal elements from the rest of the compilation, with electro-powered leads, which gives it a great drive. Not extremely exciting, and as good as his first appearance on the compilation, but certainly worth the bucks.

Bottom line:

With \"Kwarup\", Tupan Records have really marketed themselves as a label with a strong focus for tribal and progressive house. \"Kwarup\" doesn\'t bring much new into the scene, but even though it\'s not among the very best compilations in its style, and although there are a few misses on the tracklist, it\'s probably a compilation that\'ll be a small hit among progressive fans looking for tribal beats with a hint of electro.


3, 4, 5 (!!), 7




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