ECLIPTIC -a fissure in silence- (Maia Recs)

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Author: Vazik
Date: Nov 30, 2005
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ECLIPTIC are Raul Mejia and Juan Carlos Navarro both born in Mexico City, currently living in the Huitzilac Mountains in the Morelos State, about one hour from Mexico City,
where this beautiful landscape has well-served as inspiration to create their debut album \"A FISSURE IN SILENCE\" .

Yet, the boys have a long story behind... These talented lads have been working on the ECLIPTIC act for almost 6 years during which, their passion, constant dedication, and experience both in the studio and live on-stage, have defined their unique and vanguard groove that truly makes an alternative approach into today\'s overwhelmed music scene.

Yes, the ECLITPIC sound is one and only... fresh and stylish morning grooves that slide under your skin with utmost finesse. The plentiful experiences performing live since the very beginning of their career have considerably influenced ECLIPTIC \'s work in the studio, consolidating their expertise on the dancefloor\'s dynamics.

Indeed, ECLIPTIC have been around for many years, having created an exhilarating and impressively detonating live show that has been presented in Mexico\'s most important events and festivals throughout the whole country, as well as abroad in such events as The Voov Experience , The Glade Festival in The UK and New Year\'s Universo Parallelo in Brazil.

It\'s also very valuable to mention that ECLIPTIC \'s creative talent crosses the borders of trance music, and into the depths of ambient, dubby and more chilled-out beats with their LUNAR SOUND side-project. As LUNAR SOUND , these amazing duo have also been presenting this project live in quite a few events; proud to share that the debut album \"ELECTRIC PLANTS\" has been recently released on the fine Ibiza-based label, ZULU LOUNGE .

\"A FISSURE IN SILENCE\" is an exhilarating action-packed morning groove-ride that will wake your senses and soothe your eager soul with a funky uplifting vibe created by trancy rhythms with a few house, techno, break beat and even dub essentials that will make this journey unforgettable.

The silence has been broken, and ECLIPTIC is drawing the world\'s attention into their world of crunchy morning beats! Another massive bomber delivered by MAIA RECORDS ...

Impossible to be missed!!! Realese Date: Dec. 5th 2005 Mastered By: 4CN-Studios Artwork By: Golem WWW.MAIA.COM.MX

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