Sirius Isness - Breaking The Matrix

Mind Control Records

Author: Juggler
Date: Sep 13, 2005
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Sirius Isness – Breaking The Matrix
(Mind Control Records)

Promotional Thread
This is the second album of this now well known band...
...who in the last two years had built themself a strong reputation of full-on producers, playing all around with a huge success due to the quality of their music, and to the fact that their new production is cristal clear!

This second album is exactly the kind of music that Mind Control was seeking for... Full-on, psychedelic, melodic... The kind of music that works in parties.


1 - Breaking The Matrix
2 - I Want Freedom
3 - Oxygenation
4 - Radar Detection
5 - Legion of Angels (Album Rmx)
6 - Sirius Conspiracy
7 - The Psydream
8 - MK Ultra
9 - Retro Life System (Live Mix)


I know that it’s released at some time ago but it’s so good that I have to do this :)

Track 1 have the name of the album and it’s the first track done by Sirius Isness that have a guitar on it…very power from the beginning to the end.

Track 2 is beautiful and powerful, groovy bass, groovy hihats, great voice samples from the movie Waking Life, full on time.

Oxygenation is my favourite here, simply killer…starts with a progressive and groovy bassline that fits perfectly in any mix, the track evolves to some psychedelic fields and at the middle all stops and when it comes…I don’t have expression for this, just listen :)

Track 4 is a bit less aggressive and psychedelic, it has a great rhythm and nice percussions all track long, always with Sirius bass line…

The album version of Legion of Angels is less aggressive than the original, it has a nice groove on it and nice melodies but I prefer the first one.

Sirius Conspiracy is not my style, is very psychedelic, have some women voice samples with a lot of effects on it, the style is the same of Sirius but with more psychedelic tunes.

Track 7 has a groovy Sirius bass again (I love this bassline:)), nice psy sounds, nice percussion too and some well constructed melodies that always puts the crowd smiling…

MK Ultra is another beautiful one, power but pacific kick bassline, melodies for dreaming awake, some nice vocal samples, great one.

Last but not least, Retro Life System starts very progressive and powerful, this is another that sounds good in any mix…more to the middle it has some quiet and deep melody that fits perfectly at day time in a party :)

I don’t know if it’s better or worst than the first album, I just know that the two are beautiful!


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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