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Author: Human Blue
Date: Mar 12, 2001
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mar 12/01

Human Blue


I was borned on the 11th of march 1970. (Then I started to walk, then I started to talk...) I was first introduced to the piano thru my father who tought me to play a few cords when I was about 5 years old. I kept on playing the piano until a few years ago but I never learned to read music, I just played from my own ideas. When I was 14 years old I got my first synthesizer. At this time I listened to synth pop music from artists like; Jean-michel Jarre, Depeche mode, Human league and other who where popular at the time. I was of corse influensed and started to make music of my own in this style.

At the end of the eighti'es I started to listen to Acid house music. I was of corse influensed by this music also and I started to change my old school synth trax to something that sounded like a mix between body synth and house. A few years later (-95) I was introduced to the trance scene, I was at a friends house listening to music and he played some trax from Juno reactor. When I heard it I remember that I freaked totally cause it sounded quite much like my own music. I tried to copy the feeling of the trance music and mix it with my own music and this resulted in... Human Blue.
A year later, a friend and I had an outdoor party in the Swedish forest and this is when I was first introduced to DJ Anti. I played live at this party and he liked a few of my trax! He asked me if I wanted to release two trax on a 12" on his , at the time forthcoming label "spiral trax", wich he planed to name after his very own record shop in Gothenburg/Sweden.

My first release was in -97 and it was a 12" on spiral trax (Spit 003: stonehenge/psychotix) and this was the beginning of a so far succesful career. Over the past four years I've released two 12" on spiral trax and one album (ICE-99) on Spiral trax. Between that I've been released on louds of compilations. The more famous one's are; DG 8, Pulse 8, Goa head 10, Transient 7 & 8, Medium records "Vibration two" and "floor". Just released is a 12" on sunset records. The next release coming up is a 12" on "microgram recordings". After that there's another 12" comin' on spiral trax with me and DJ morg. (also known as "Katayama") I've also just started to work on my next album on spiral trax wich will probably be released in late spring -01! I guess that's just about it...

Love&energy form dag (Human Blue)

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