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Author: Katja Turpeinen / DJ Stygnet
Date: Jun 27, 2007
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The country thatĀ“s moving up and down on the Trance barometer

The country that´s moving up and down on the Trance barometer


Sweden is a country where everything is “just fine”. We may only have 9 million inhabitants, but we are one of the largest music exporters in the world.


It’s quite difficult to hold legal events as it all comes down to permission and how to handle the police. Still there are quite a few underground parties put on by dedicated Trance freaks, as well as a few big club events. If you’re here during the summer, check out the open-air parties, most of which take place in our enchanted forests.


There have been many attempts to organise Trance festivals, but almost all of them ended up being cancelled. They do however play some Psy at Arvika Festival which has 15-20.000 visitors every year. We’ve also had and still have many respected labels, producers and DJs based around Sweden.

East: Today, big events are held by organisations like Monday Bar Crew, Tribalism, Lekstuga and Socially Hazardous. The city Örebro is famous for its open-air parties and this led to the launch of Stone Age Records who are releasing "Örebro Freak Factory 4" this year. Another label from the "old generation" is Creon Records while Hypnotica Records and Devils Mind Records, who’ve had some releases with local talents like Wizack Twizack, are representing the "new generation".

West: On the "West Coast", the scene is mostly based in Sweden’s second largest city: Göteborg  Talented live acts, DJs and labels such as Atmos, S>Range, Human Blue, Anti, Bakke and Morg all call the city home, however sadly, Spiral Trax, a cornerstone of Progressive Trance for almost 10 years, had to close down last year.

Flexible hold some fun and funky parties with satisfaction guaranteed. Laugh and Dance Records are a new label who are about to have their first release in 200 and Cannibal Syndrome Records had their first release last year.

There are many open-air events here in the summer time. Trolltyg is one annual gathering worth a visit and there is also Freaky Forest put on by Heavy Mental Production.

South: Malmö is proud to have respected acts like Son Kite, Ticon and Vibrasphere who have conquered the globe with their ground-breaking Scandinavian sounds and Peter Didjital, Nanda, Tegma, Shaman, Progresia and Etnoscope are based here too.

There are a few smaller open-airs during the hotter months of the year and good club events. Helsingborg has the Tranceporter crew with regular parties all year round.


  • Temperatures are warmer from June-August, and cold from Nov-April.
  • Almost  everyone  speaks  good  English
  • For a couple of weeks every summer you can experience a midnight sun where the sun never sets up in the North of Sweden.
  • All drugs are strictly controlled and most are illegal.





Katja Turpeinen (Helltown Chicks)

DJ Stygnet

Heavy Mental Records


Date: June 27th, 2007
Text: Katja Turpeinen

Taken from: "Trancer's Guide to the Galaxy 2007 magazine"




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