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Date: Dec 12, 1998
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biography - interview





b i o g r a p h y



Jinno + Jiga are working together since 1994. through the years Jiga +
Jinno were creating Trance, House, Techno and Ambient trax under several
different stage names with many releases of records, trax on compilations
and Live performances all over the world.

at the end of 1997 Jiga + Jinno formed Analog Pussy, on mid 1998 they
started playing Live and DJ sets in Israel conquering the local Trance
scene by storm. playing in underground nature events and club parties as
well as in mega-raves with up to 15,000 people.

on mid of 1999 Analog Pussy went out for their 'Euro SUMMER99 Tour' pumping
the Trance clubs and open air grasses of Europe with gigs in Germany,
Holland, Ibiza, Switzerland and 3 gigs on the massive 'Solipse' festival in
Hungary in front of 30,000 ppl. on 9/99 Analog Pussy released their debut
album -'Psycho Bitch From Hell' both on CD and 2x LP Vinyl
(BALLCD001/BALLLP007), soon enough Analog Pussy and the 'Psycho Bitch From
Hell' album became the most talked about phenomena in the scene. Analog
Pussy brought a new wind to the Goa/Psy Trance scene with a powerful,
colorful and energetic LIVE show and the most uplifting Trance music.
full-on uplifting melodic Trance at its best! 'Psycho Bitch From Hell'
release parties took place in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Hungary and Israel.

in the beginning of 2000, with the turn of the millennium, Analog Pussy
moved their base activities to Germany and started a new line of trax which
were in the direction of groovi Tech-Trance and less melodic - the 'new
sound' of Analog Pussy was introduced on special DJ sets starting from 4/00
in Israel, Germany, Brazil and the USA. the first release of the 'new
sound' of Analog Pussy came out on 6/00 - 'Audio Santo' + 'Generator Man'
12" Vinyl (HADSH028) on Hadshot Haheizar Records. 'Audio Santo' was also
released on the 'Humus Conspiracy' compilation (YOYO042) on BNE Records. 3
more Analog Pussy trax were released on 11/00; 'Shperma Pornomatic' on the
'Undercover' (HADSHcd08/HADSHLP08)- Hadshot Haheizar Records CD and 2x LP
Vinyl compilation and 'Space Walk' + 'Death Roll' 12" Vinyl (HADSH034) on
Hadshot as well. on 5/00 Analog Pussy went out to their first American
tour, starting with 3 gigs in Brazil. on the 3rd of June 2000 Analog Pussy
played their first US Live gig in Atlanta GA, followed by gigs in SF and LA
in California and up in the north-west between Portland and Seattle in an
open-air festival. by the end of the year 2000 Analog Pussy have also
debuted Live gigs in Canada (11/00) and Mexico (12/00), and played more
gigs in the UK (12/00), Germany (12/00) and Canada (11/00).

on 2001 Analog Pussy played Live gigs in Germany (1+2/01), Denmark (5/01)
and Atlanta GA. USA (7/01). on January 2001 2 Analog Pussy trax were
released - 'Extended Memory' + 'Electric' 12" Vinyl (LEV005) on Leviathan
Music. more releases of Analog Pussy trax in 2001 were - 'Space Walk' on
the 'Humus Conspiracy 2' compilation (YOYO048) on BNE Records, 'Shperma
Pornomatic' on the '6th Element - Open Air' Compilation (RANIV CD001) on
Raniv Music and 'Extended Memory' on the Leviathan Music compilation
'Digital X-Perience - Dreamsession' (LEV009). Analog Pussy gigs in the 2nd
part of 2001 were in Sweden (9/01), Canada (9/01), Mexico (10/01), Germany
(10+11/01). on September 2001 Analog Pussy released 11 new and unreleased
trax on the 2nd Analog Pussy full length album - 'Underground' - on AP
Records - CD and 2x LP Vinyl (AP101/AP102). another 2 new Analog Pussy trax
were released on Hadshot Haheizar Records in 10/2001 - 'Hanging Myself
Comfortably' + 'Discotek' 12" Vinyl (HADSH048).

Analog Pussy have a strong Internet presence. since the beginning of their
activity in 1994, they were all over the Internet with lots of MP3
releases, updated information on gigs, CDs and 12" releases, pics, flyers,
email lists, co-operation with other sites, interviews and live chats with
fans and other on-line activities. the main base for all Analog Pussy
updates, material and information is their own dedicated site;

in 1997 the first Analog Pussy track was up for free MP3 download from
their site just 1 hour after the music was done. since then they have made
a long way - reaching a total of up to 10,000 users A DAY on their main sites.

on the first 5 months of 2001 Analog Pussy trax were listened to and
downloaded more than 1,000,000 (One Million) times through the Analog Pussy
- site. more than 10! (Ten) Analog Pussy trax reached #1 position
on's Genre charts including: Hard, Melodic, Progressive, Goa and
Psy Trance, Hard, Vocal, Deep and Latin House, Intelligent Techno, Ambient,
Club, ALL Trance, ALL House, ALL Techno, ALL Electronica and ALL
on May 2001, after the Vivendi/Universal buy out of,
mysteriously banned Analog Pussy from its site with no explanation.
see related L.A.Weekly cover story (June 8-14, 2001);

in mid 2001 Jiga + Jinno have made another step ahead in their way for
artistic independence by creating their own new label - AP Records.
the first release of AP Records was the 2nd full length Analog Pussy album
- 'Underground' - which was released in September 2001 both on CD and 2x
LP (AP101/AP102).
AP Records will be releasing Analog Pussy releases and V.A compilations in
the styles of Trance and Ambient.

2 years after their first album, this new Analog Pussy album was very much
anticipated in the global Trance scene.

the Analog Pussy "Underground" album is a special blend of Trance, Techno,
House and Ambient - all with one common vision - "Underground" music.
experimenting Trance blends with Techno touches, Housy grooves, Ambient
atmospheres and the all timer ... full-on Psy Trance.

"Underground" was released on CD and 2x LP Vinyl - both the CD and the
Vinyl versions include 9 new and unreleased Analog Pussy trax. the Vinyl
contains 2 bonus trax that are not on the CD giving a total of 11 new and
unreleased Analog Pussy trax.

Analog Pussy coming gigs:
Belgium / Brussels - May 11
Canada / Toronto - May 19
USA / Buffalo - May 23
Mexico / Guadalajara - May 25 (T.B.C)
Canada / Quebec - May 31

Jiga + Jinno
Analog Pussy
phone; ++49(0)2871-294-216
mobile; ++49(0)175-455-9500





i n t e r v i e w



"Uplifter Mix" (40 minutes mix)
modem or ISDN

"Strech the Universe" of Analog Pussy
G2 sure stream

(you need real audio)

Please introduce yourself to us...
32/boy. born on Montevideo Uruguay, living in Israel since the age of 4.
23/girl, we live in isolation, just me and Jinno. making music all the
time. every money we get our hands on is dedicated to gear. wish i could
buy a laundry-drier machine someday instead of a new synth. but our
addiction is uncontrollable.

Present and future?
Jinno + Giga:
Present - *just been released (20/11/98) an excellent compilation - 'Zep Tepi',
on Chaos Unlimited Records/UK with our 'Flow Control' track on it along
with  unreleased traX from Darshan, Somaton, Chi A.D., Mindfield and
others! get it at:
*also our track 'Journey To Reality' on Clubware Records/ Switzerland -
'Trip To Cyberspace 2' compilation. released on the 2/11/98.
*just finished mastering our debut Analog Pussy album - 'TooTa' and the
'TooTa' 12"! both to be released soon on Hypnotic Records/Denmark.
*looking for gigs! working intensively on new traX for our 2nd album.
Future - more ... releases, more ... traX, more ... live gigs!, more ... gear,
more ... magic vibes, we just love it!

Tell us something about your musical background?

Jinno: dealing with electronic music since the age of 16 ... deeply involved in
establishing and creating the psy trance sound. experimenting electro
beats and digital sound innovations since the mid 80s.
Giga: I play drums and bass guitar. have a limited knowledge in musical
theory. in the past i had several trash bands (one of them was named "The puke")
until i realized there is no guitar that could make a noise like an
analog synth. besides, when you play a bass guitar you have to cut your nails.
imagine that ! i can keep my nails in Goa music so there you go !!!
though i do 'slap' from time to time on our gigs.

Could you tell us something about your forthcoming releases?
Jinno + Giga: just to mention once again the brilliant Chaos Unlimited Records/UK -
'Zep Tepi' compilation! with our 'Flow Control' track on it! we will
certainly have more releases under this label in the future.
we'd like to take the opportunity and say a big thank you! to Mick,
George and Lorien @ Chaos! if it comes to superb marketing combined
with awesome vibes and big love ... Chaos Unlimited is the place.
also we'd like to mention our debut album 'TooTa' which will be released
on Hypnotic Records/Denmark on early 99. the 'TooTa' album is very
special for us. it contains most of our traX from when we started making psy
trance. some traX on the 'TooTa' album are extremely psy ... they contain the
core of our psy entities and our light. big thanks and appreciation goes to
Christian and the Hypnotic/Denmark crew for their on going support and faith! they
believed in us and in all of our creations ... unconditionally, from day one.

Can you define your style ?
Giga: I don't think I can define it because we don't obey to the style's "rules".
we could make a track that half of it is harsh night trance and half ofit
is soft melodic morning trance. usually the music depends on the
specific state of mind we were on at the day of making the music. 
Jinno: we love trance, psy trance, and its creation. we are into exploring all
styles and shapes of it. you could say from the traX that we have so far (about
10) that they are all 'melodic' ... on the other hand some of these traX are
so psychedelic and fast that you just can't categorize them as 'melodic trance'.
Jinno + Giga :
about our sound - we just love the raw analog synths sound! and use it a
lot on all of our traX. then again we use massive digital manipulations,
sound processes and editing as well.

What's each person's role in terms of creating new music?
Giga:I write the lines and bring the samples. then i arrange the initial
editing. together we find the sounds for the lines and do most of the
final editing together.
Jinno: I'm more into sounds design, sound production and drums editing.
though let me just add that we are both deep into all the roles of
creation together! technically each of us could easily do a track on his own ...

What do you have in your studio?
Jinno + Giga: 10 synths - 7 analog and 3 fm, a sampler, 2 main digital mixers, 2 computers,lots of software, a Digital Audio Work station - SShdr1, etc. etc. check out the entire gear list on our site:

How did you get involved in trance music?

Jinno: oh ... i wouldnt know where to start from ...
i can just say that i was amongst the 'inventors' of the trance style
and sound through musical electronic experimenting since the early 80s. its
great to see how this home psy experiments with unusual combinations
like connecting a drum machine to an 'octaver' or phaser effects ..... came out
to be a complete new way of living and communicating. 
Giga:I was always drawn to the bass sound. the fact that you can physically
FEEL bass sound and not just listen to it made me crazy. if i think about it,
you can FEEL most of the ranges of sound on different parts of your
body.think of really high hi-hats- they sort of burn your ears. sometimes you
can feel it on your teeth. but bass sound is almost always aiming to
your stomach. maybe a little bit lower. damn it is so sensual. trance music
makes a big use of bass drum and bass drum. i guess that's what
attracted me to this music in the first place. the bass sound. not the fact that
you can dance to it because you can dance to rock music as well.
I started to make trance music long before i realized that's what it's called.
the problem was i didnt have a lot of gear and i was looking for someone
to work with. that's how i met Jinno. we combined our gear and work, and
Jinno introduced me to the variety of trance music.
i remember days we were walking in the streets and listening to trance
music that came out from passing cars and we would analyse the sound of
the bass drum and the sweep of a certain sound. i think that was the
beginningof 'Analog Pussy'.

Do you have an agent at all?
 Giga: no. wish we could find one though. it's so hard making music and at the
same time taking care of technical details like talking to party
organizers and reading contracts. i guess this is something that has to do with the
end of the millennium. more and more ppl do everything themselves. they
got their home studios, they start their own labels, they close on live shows ...
life are becoming more internal. this has some advantages like
independence, freedom and the money share is bigger, but still i would
wish some gutsy person would take care of the 'business' and let us
concentrate on making the music.

Where have you played so far ?
 *we did several DJ sets and live shows at the DOMO club in Haifa/Israel.
along   with DJ Nadi and other DJs. all over August and September of 98.
*live show at the 'Power Station' open air party in Givat Olga beach/Israel.
along with DJ Nadi (Domo) and DJ Roni (Mix-N-Roll) at the 18/9/98.
*live show at the Mazuba 'Rosh Hashana' party in kibutz Mazuba/Israel.
along with M.F.G, DJ Nadi (Domo) and DJ Amir at the 20/9/98.
*live set at the "DUX" open air club in Ashdod/Israel. along with top Isreali
DJs - DJ Gidi (Hovek Olam), DJ Moshe Kenan (Xerox), DJ Duvdev (Infected
 Mushroom), DJ Eyal Yankovich (HOMmega Productions)... and more on 4/10/98.
*live show at the "ZOO"("Maximum") club in Ashdod/Israel. along with Sandman (Izik Levi/Matsuri Productions), DJ Moshe Kenan (Xerox/HOMmega), DJ Dede (M.D.M.A Music), DJ Eyal Yankovich (HOMmega Productions), DJ Kobi K. (Krembo) and more.

What is your best live act experience?
Giga: it was at Kibutz Matzuba !!! Rosh Hashana party. definitely! i saw 400
ppl jumping insanely in front of me and i felt our music really meant something
to them. at one point this fragile girl came to me on stage, hugged me
and gave me something in my hand like she was giving me her soul. when i
looked at it i saw it was half of a fruit she ate. i still try to figure out
the metaforic meaning but on the emotional level it almost brought me into  tears.
certainly the Matzuba !!! Rosh Hashana party was our best so far .....
it was a perfect night! the organization was excellent the Djs - DJ Nadi and DJ Amir, at their real best! and M.F.G preformed before our gig ...what more ... above all ... the people were just awesome! they really loved us and showed it without any fear. it was a real spiritual experience. this kind of parties are rare this days. big big thanX goes to DJ Nadi who organized this party and helped us a lot with our first gigs. also combining our gear with Sandman's (Matsuri Productions) at one of our gigs was real fun.
Jinno + Giga:
we'd like to add, about our live gigs, we just love it !!!
our gigs were so great ... we just get so much ... love and good reactions.
we are eager to give our live act as much as we can ...(organizers - hint, hint).

What is your favourite track [done by you]? 
  Giga:'Is Overloaded'
Jinno:'Infinity'(i think ...) i love them all!

What do you guys do besides doing music?
Giga:  good analog sex
Jinno: hmmm ... tuff one. well, as banalic as it may sound ... nothing!
here is a lil background - its for five years now that we live in a very
small settlement (around 100 houses) in the mountains of Sumeria/Israel.
we have a big villa on a top of a hill with a wonderful valley below .....
clean air and the sound of the birds only ... on half of the 1st floor villa (around 27 square meters) is our studio with a front door and big windows to the valley ... actually, no choice other than making music all the time ... and good analog sex of course.


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