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Author: Juggler
Date: Aug 23, 2005
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Sesto Sento – Remixer
Com.Pact Records

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Sesto Sento, the group that is most identified with the new generation...
...of the psychedelic trance movement, revolutionizing the art of sound production oriented for dance and uplifting spirit, holding under their belt a heavy list of artistic accomplishments, are back with a heavy loaded remix\'s album...

The Remixer includes 9 previously unreleased remixes of Sesto Sento winning hits, each holding a special and unique scent of excellence.


1. Follow me (Sesto Sento rmx)
2. Cookie stealer (GMS rmx)
3. Dive 2 drive (Visual Contact rmx)
4. Primi TB (Aquatica rmx)
5. Omiakon (CPU rmx)
6. Run on green (Protoculture rmx)
7. Teddy enter wonderland (Pop Stream rmx)
8. Godzilla (Apocalypse rmx)
9. Getting fused (Silicon Sound rmx)


I always love the majority of Sesto Sento tracks, now seeing the Remixer track list with some of my favourite trance projects I don’t know what to say…:)

Track 1 Follow Me is remixed by Sesto Sento and in my opinion is different but better than the original, it has more psychedelic sounds, a power and groovy bass too and the final melody has such an energy that makes you fly :)

Track 2 is Cookie Stealer remixed by GMS and like all the other GMS stuff is very powerful and energetic…it has the original sound that seems like a piano but when the music enters after that has more energy on it.

Track 3 – Dive 2 Drive – remixed by Visual Contact is beautiful, it has that sample voices from the original but in a better mood, with a groovy and power kick bass line, all the track has a great energy and beautiful melodies.

Track 4 is like the other Aquatica stuff very melodic and rhythmic but always with a dark and heavy bassline…here the formula is the same, using the melody from the original track.

Track 5 is the rmx of Omiakon and it’s done by CPU…this is the more night-oriented track of the album…strong and groovy bassline, very psychedelic sounds on it like CPU always does…

Protoculture rmx of Run on Green is in my opinion a bit worse than the original, it has the Protoculture style on it (I like very his style) but I think he can do better…at 3m7s has such a stop on the track that when anyone plays the music at parties all the people thinks that the generator is off.

Track 7 is the Pop Stream rmx of Teddy Enter Wonderland…it has a good and strong bassline, the vocals are in a better position than the original and with good effects, the melodies are nice too, more one great rmx :)

Track 8 is Godzilla remixed by Apocalypse…great construction, the vocal samples are well too, the bass line is hard and strong, the track is all good but never like the original because the original is the best Sesto Sento track for me till this date :)

Last track is a great choice to finish this wonderful the remix of Getting Fused by Silicon Sound…very slowly – 138 bpms, progressive bass line, quiet and pacific melodies, all with the Silicon Sound style on it!

After listen it, I think that this album/compilation is the best till the date by Sesto Sento, it has the best tracks of Sesto Sento all remixed by great acts, more one great release by Com.Pact like all the other :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

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