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Author: Frederik
Date: Feb 19, 2005
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February 17, 2005 - Text: Frederik

1. Who are you and where are you from exactly ?

My name is Eli aka DJ Zombi, im 27 years old and living in Tel Aviv, Israel.

2. Tell us a bit about your normal day life ?

I have my small book distribution buinsess and rest fo the time i spend with my girl and friends.. All with music on background:) Usualy im not working hard, im a bit lazy but its gives me time for music and label thingy..

3. What do you think of the today's scene generally ? What direction is
it taking, what moments you like or dislike?

Todays scene is going down a bit after big millenium years.. But still lots of parties all around and all kinds of it exist.. Right now im not into some specific "scene", im playing in different kind of parties and develop my own OneSizeFitAll sound.. Im tire of all those Trance ppl, Techno ppl bla bla bla.. Good music is good music and after all its all same, We All One:)

4.What do you think of the growing number of the labels and artists and the quality of the music released nowadays ?

The quality of music today is great as allways, its question how deep know you dig the shops:) Lots of new labels bring new sounds, i like it.. After all our VP records is new label also, hope u find it original and fresh!

4a. On VP you compiled the first CD which is actually out since few
days now, try to descirbe why you choose those Artists, will there be a continueing Series.

Well "Inspirazzia" its a first CD release on VP (after first vinyl beenreleased 2 months ago), its took long time compile those tunes, i didnt looked for some specific names but selected tunes im realy happy with.. I wanted this CD to be joyfull for home listener and still will be real DJ tool. Im very happy i found surprized unes from well known artists and most importent i have few new names with actulay most talked trax from compilation. Try Igal M. its a future of Israely Progressive, his debu track did so many buzz around, this make me happy!

5.Whats your opinion about the straight melting of Styles at the moment ? Producers and Djs from totally diffrent mayor styles get closer together ?

YES !! Look at Inspirazzia track list - Progressive Trance, Deep
Trance, Tribal and Tech House, Disco Shit, Breaks..
Its much nicer not to stuck on one specific sound, when u get out of genre borders its like you go to outer space, there is no limits ! I myself play sets which include everything that sounds good, thats the only genre of music i know !

6.What are your origins how did you come to electronic music ???

Im old time party junky and allways liked music even more than girls and drugs, its just inside me.. and no i wasnt in rock band and didnt learn music when i was kid:) I like parties, thats all.

7.Why did you decide to become a DJ ?

Something like 6 years ago i got familar with so-called today
progressive trance and in very short time i stoped enjoy nomal psychedelic trance that common in parties here... So i didnt enjoy party for a years or something and understood that only way to hear music i want in a parties is to play it ! So i do:) And step by step even local scene start wake up and things looks good right now...

8.Which DJs and acts have influenced your style?

DJs i realy respect are D-Nox, Sasha and Kasey Taylor and as for producers i allways amazed by Frank Beckers, no matter under which name he make his tunes.

9.What was the best or funniest experience in your career???

Its hard to point one specific party but its allways very positive to play in desert, somehow all parties there have very strong spirit and also importent to me was being a Q club resident,
small and extremaly cool place that i owe lots to!

10.What was the worst, unluckiest or strangest experience in your

All together - cave party with unknown org.. i was main dj in a party and when i got to location i found around 100 BOYS, mostly very young.. so i started to play (how stupid i was then) and in 30 min i has like 30 of those boys stand around me and make me scare faces, they just wanted killer full on while all i was able to play them was deep.. anyway, in one moment i just took my bag and dissapered from this scary place, lucky me never heard about them again..

11.What is your TOP of EP !?

There is few but right now i realy in love with Sprout 009 - Beckers - Switch

12.What are your plans, upcoming releases, upcoming events???

Well, in few weeks we release a Fitalic EP include Antix remix, its deep and very good record.Also im making launch party for my cd here in Tel Aviv and no other but Frank Beckers will play there and also there will be Techno Floor with minimal techno and micro house.. U come ?

more infos about upcoming releases and gigs on

interview by FrederikFlanger



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