Various Artists - Soul Glider - compiled by DJ SO

Aqua Recordings/Groove Zone, December 2005

Author: pr0fane
Date: Jan 6, 2006
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Review by: Jannick Andersen // pr0fane

Artist: Various
Title: Soul Glider - compiled by DJ SO
Label: Aqua Recordings (Groove Zone sidelabel)
Format: CD (Double Digipack)
Released: December, 2005 in Japan (I don\'t know about the worldwide releasedate)


The Japanese progressive label Groove Zone recently launched their new sidelabel Aqua Recordings with the release of the OMB album \"Flying Over Tokyo\". The 2nd release from Aqua Recordings is a compilation compiled by the well-respected Japanese DJ SO - A DJ also signed on the German Plusquam records, and with bookings on some of the most important events worldwide, from VooV Experience in Germany to Rainbow Serpent in Australia - and of course all the major events in his home country.

The CD contains 8 tracks - all of them are previously released on vinyls or mp3 by labels like Vapour, Sprout, Proton and Fokused.

01. Fitalic - Fields Of Motion [129 BPM]
First track is a rather old release by the Robbin Fitter, also known as Fitalic. \"Fields Of Motion\" was originally released on Pangea UK back in 2004, but it doesn\'t sound dated at all; it has the usual upbeat Fitalic groove, but the atmosphere is a bit deeper and more simplistic than I\'ve come accustomed to from the Dutch producer - a deep and delicious tune, with a sound to be found somewhere between progressive house and tech house.

02. Formulate - Abbreviated Funk [128 BPM]
Formulate is, to me, a completely unknown artist with the name Justin Humber, so \"Abbreviated Funk\" is my first encounter with his sound. The groove is fine, but maybe has a bit too lazy or grumpy feel, and although some of the slightly uplifting melodies work fine, I can\'t see any real development in the track - it\'s over 10 minutes, and that\'s too long for a track that didn\'t really catch my attention.

03. Minilogue - Little Sisters [127 BPM]
Like everybody probably knows by now, Minilogue is the alternative sideproject of the Swedish Son Kite duo. \"Little Sisters\" is a re-release from Sprout records (and was also previously released on CD on Plastik Park), and it\'s surely a mighty sweet track. The sound is certainly very much electro, but also contains a great deal of trancy layers, giving it a wonderful, sunny vibe. Yep, I still love this tune.

04. Baggage Handlers - Vaportrail (Chris Micali\'s You Win Mix) [128 BPM]
Chris Micali has slowly evolved into one of my personal favourite producers in the progressive area - especially as a remixer, where he made some outstanding reworks of tracks by artists like Space Safari, Kasey Taylor, Habersham and Hiratzka. His \"You Win Mix\" of the Baggage Handlers trio\'s \"Vaportrail\" is a real treat as well, with a very catchy groove and uplifting, yet never too cheesy trancy melodies. Not his best remix, but definitely enjoyable.

05. Murat Uncuoglu - Jamfull (André Absolut Remix) [130 BPM]
Murat Uncuoglu is a Turkish producer, who already appeared on a CD in the legendary \"Global Underground\" series. \"Jamfull\" is from the last release on Fokused records, and it\'s been remixed to perfection by the Swiss wonder André Absolut. This guy certainly has a golden touch, and the atmosphere in this remix is just out of this world; mellow, yet still quite dancefriendly, and with stunning, dreamy pads. Amazing.

06. Madoka - Drift (Roel Mix) [128 BPM]
The New York based producer Madoka\'s track \"Drift\" is up next in a remix by the young, upcoming Dutch producer Roel H. It has a quite minimal click-and-stratch groove, but the real beauty is in the strings, trancy pads and especially the fascinating female vocal. To me it feels very inspired by the sound coming out from Border Community at the moment - and that\'s certainly not a bad thing. Very pleasant tune.

07. D-Nox & Beckers - Day After [127 BPM]
Germany\'s no doubt most talked about duo at the moment, D-Nox & Beckers, is up next with a re-release from Vapour Records. \"Day After\" (or \"The Day After\" as it was originally titled) has a quite typical D-Nox & Beckers groove, although slightly more laidback than usual, and the theme seems really optimistic. A fine track, although not on par with their strongest productions.

08. Motion 040 - Timmy\'s Turn [128 BPM]
Last but not least we have the german upcoming talents Motion 040. \"Timmy\'s Turn\" is a super phat and funky electro groover that revolves around a modified sample of Timothy Leary\'s classic \"Turn on, tune in, drop out\" quote, which gives the track a great and definitely not to serious vibe. Quite different track, and certainly very funny - a well-chosen track to finish the compilation.

Bottom line:

DJ SO did a really good job on \"Soul Glider\", and the quality of the tracks on the compilation ranges from good to amazing. The sound is focused on progressive house, but is actually quite varied, containing strong elements of trance and electro. The flow also seems really well done, and although the Formulate-track didn\'t impress me, I guess it\'s SO\'s long experience as a DJ that shines through.

As I mentioned in the beginning, all of the tracks on the compilation have previously been released on vinyl or mp3, but all sofa listeners and the CDJ\'s, interested in the more club-oriented part of the progressive scene, could certainly do worse than check this out.


1 (!!), 3 (!!), 4, 5 (!!), 6, 7, 8




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