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Author: Juggler
Date: Jan 15, 2005
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Safi Connection – Figga Nigga (Spliff Music)

Promotional Thread:

Safi is Mishel Bitton, from Tel Aviv. After a growing success of one of the most wanted Israeli live act, here comes a psy full on killer dance floor album, with variety of sounds, styles and moods, there is a few punk metal guitars and psychotics breaks you gone find on \'Figga Nigga\', even some emotional melodies, and a blasting remix for Analog Pussy \'Future\', this track is a must listen by all genres. As usual, it’s unlike any other full on - dance floor album you gone see this year. After a continuous listening I would say:’ don’t listen to it unless you gone party\'.

Track List:

1 – Figga Nigga
2 – Experimental Dose
3 – Fullon String
4 – Tarazan and JD-J
5 – Future (Safi Remix)
6 – Laoolaoo
7 – Vainish
8 – Hentay
9 – Solaric Seeds


Here we are…with the second album from Mishel Bitton aka Safi Connection, untitled “Figga Nigga”…more good music released by Spliff…

Figga Nigga starts the album with some break beats and some kind of a distorted voice, after 1m20s we can hear a guitar riff with psychedelic sounds backyards that goes together till the end of the music…at 2m30s we can hear some samples, always full of psychedelic sounds backyards…

Experimental dose has a nice groovy bass, has some guitar sounds too and has one of the most psychedelic melodies I have ever seen! It’s a bit less “aggressive-psychedelic” then track 1 but not to much…

Fullon String starts with a guitar riff, then appears a powerful bass line and after this we are “present” by a deep melody, a bit to repetitive because it’s on all music, but good…at 3m39s the bass line changes a little but it’s still powerful…and the melody with the new bass and the guitar sounds stays together till the end of the track.

Tarazan and JD-J is the brightest sound of this album, bright in the meaning of clarity, luminous…I think that it’s a good track to finish a night-to-morning Dj set, it going certainly to do smiles at people’s faces :) it have some kind of sound that starts with a break beat and after it reminds some video-game…nice one :)

Future, original by Analog Pussy and here remixed by Safi Connection, it’s a unnecessarily track for me because at a month ago have been released by AP Records a cd with 9 remixes of the track, I’m starting to get bored when I listen the sample…

Laoolaoo is another “pacific” track; it has some nice and quiet melodies, deep voices that can be from the bottom of the tunnel…but always with the psychedelic feeling of Safi Connection music…

Vainish presents again some quiet and bright melodies, with a potent kick bass…it has too some kind of machine sounds, it makes me think in a Coldcut track…the track has a sample that says ”He was 4 years old when he first took the magic mushroom\", what a lucky guy…:) it’s another good sound for day time.

Hentay is a bit different from the last two tracks…it has too a power and groovy bass line, the normal “psychedeliquish” of the album but instead of bright melodies, this track presents us some very hypnotic sounds and melodies that gives to the track the chance to be a great night hit :)

Solaric Seeds it’s a great surprise, when it starts we think “the last is off course a chill out track” but at 39s we see that we are all the tracks on this album, it has much psychedelic sounds, of all type, some bright melodies, I think it has been a good purpose for the last track…

I don’t know if I have to give a style to this album what should I do…I think it was something like experimental, or creative, I don’t know…sincerely it’s not my kind of trance, but I see a lot of good work here and I’m certainly that for many people it can be the greatest album of 2004…keep on releasing Spliff, I think that you are on the good way :)


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler

Author: monobox / Date: 01.01.2009 13:48:04

Safi Connection web sites :::

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