Hai In Den Mai Revisted

Author: Roberdo
Date: May 5, 2009
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In contrast to the really poor flyer Waldfrieden’s Hai In Den Mai festival was an absolutely amazing event. Arriving at the rolling venue in the middle of nowhere on Friday morning just one hour before our set it was pretty foggy and also very cold compared to the Mediterranean climate I left only two days before. The camping was really well filled and walking towards the actual party area I really felt like on a typical German festival. The dance floor was pretty empty when I crossed it but that should not last for a long time…

Sam and me started playing our 4 hour old school Psy Trance set, we agreed to play only tunes that have been released up to 2004. Slowly but constantly the floor filled more and more and people settled on blankets on the hillside right next to it. The Waldfrieden venue for sure is really special, situated in the middle of forests with many hills and different ground levels! Also the weather started to clear up and after about one hour first sun rays hit the dance floor. When I played the Oliver Lieb Remix of Hallucinogen's classic LSD and delivered the appropriate supply the set took finally off and became an amazing party both in front of and behind the decks. Massive sunshine and quite some beautiful hippies on the dance floor offered a proper outdoor experience. Well, the drink vouchers worth 5 Euros or something were deleted even before the second record was mixed in but its not really big news that Waldfrieden is very, very economical concerning the supply of booked artists...


The night was very frosty and actually I did not like the atmosphere though the flouro deco was really cool. Well, I am a daylight dude, a hijo del sol. Beside the cold which I really hate I am blind like a mole at night, especially if I am totally wasted after a day full of party. So I was glad when I found out that there was a place to sleep on the venue which reminded me one of those rip-off ten bed dorms in Australia. But well, this one was for free and I was ready to drop so it was pretty much ok. The next day was even better concerning the weather and I had a really great time with quite some good friends, people I made aquaintance with and people I met again after a pretty long time. All together a really good festival on which I remained relatively sober and innocent compared to my ever lasting image as a Feierschwein...

This pretty nice dance into May weekend ended up with a very curious incident: On Sunday morning at around 5 am, 5 or 6 hours after I finally crashed at my house, I woke from some strange noise outside. Still half asleep I thought that some people might have climbed up the scaffold around the bureau house situated less then 10 meters next to my windows which seems to be an eternal construction ground. Suddenly it heavily knocked on my door and my flatmate came in: "Sorry for disturbing man, but the house next door is ablaze!" Half an hour later I found myself on the street, still half asleep and with a pretty bad hangover watching the bureau house very next to my home burning like a torch. Heaps of fire workers around me and a cop not really quick on the uptake forbidding me to return to my house for about an hour. What a flick, I can tell ya! Fortunately nothing happened to any men and my house wasn't damaged neither.


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