Northern enlightenment in in Sweden

Author: Stygnet (in support of VaPPa)
Date: Dec 30, 2008
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Sweden is famous for meatballs, northern lights, beautiful people, outstanding troll forest environment and a lot of great music in a wide range of genres. The collective mentality stands in relation with the seasons.

It’s almost impossible to hold legal events due to a repressive political climate.

Almost all organizational tries of a true trance festival has been stopped by our authorities. But still, there are a few dedicated Trance freaks doing everything possible to produce a big and well organized event where the spirits is still run high.

To mention some open-air gatherings that aimed to bring the true Viking tribe, Trolltyg that marks the beginning of the summer season, attracting about 1500 visitors. Highlight in 2007 was without a doubt the INTI & Family reunion made by the INTI Design team and also the GoaGil / 070707 party made by DivineMusicTribe. The dayparty Blommor & Bin continues to put a smile on people’s faces. Mytiska Hålet I Marken is an outstanding gathering with people from all over. Other events worth mentioning are Wizardry of the Woods and also The Tribunal made by L.I.S.A.

To tell you ”how it all started”; In the early 1990s some dedicated acid freaks brought their visions from Goa and made the first party in legendary Kilsbergen in Örebro. In Stockholm Docklands had their imprint in the scene and within it came both positive and negative aspects when the police started to put energy into the surveillance of this new age party culture. Ever since then the psychedelic spirit spread all over the country, though mostly to the major cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Producers however are more spread out over the whole country.

2007 didn’t quiet end with high spirits, but signs point toward a promising year 2008 with more well organized events in the name of ”summer of love, freedom and spirit” . However, our beloved producers have put a lot of energy in the release of good music. To name a few respected artists that released in 2007 were: Vibrasphere, Matenda, Solar Fields, Silent Horror and also Astrix released an EP at Spiral Trax which after a year in silence is now back in the game. What is scheduled for 2008? Chromosome, Wizack Twizack, S-Range and the newcomer Panta Rei is about to release their new album.


Other artists worth mentioning is Hux Flux, Son Kite, Miraculix, Ticon, Total, Ibojima, Atmos and Arremakki. Sweden also have quite a lot of skilled DJ’s such as Morg, Kvasi, Anti, Peter Digital, Stygnet, Anneli, Bröte, Gen6, Zloj and Joseph. Worth to mention is Connection that invented the new style ”flip-flum-on”.To mention a few active decorators is INTI Design, Diffus and NOS.


For 2008 a lot of organizations are planning great new events. Which will stay as a dream and which will become reality is hard to predict. One highlight to keep on eye on will be the vision of Sweden’s first true international Trance festival 080808 – project Kul Tur will be a continuation of Freaky Forest produced by the familytribe of Enlighted, DivineMusicTribe and friends from all over. Arvika festival attracting more then 15 000 people will as usual dedicate a stage for Trancemusic.





Stygnet (in support of VaPPa)
DJ, journalist, festival manager, labelhead at Enlighted Network
”We are spiritual beings, having a human experience!”


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