Maturity comes for good in Brazil

Author: Lotus
Date: Dec 8, 2009
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After some years of frenetic growth, the Brazilian psychedelic trance scene finally seems to have established itself. This is reflected by better organised parties and festivals that interact with and make local communities grow both in economic and cultural aspects. This fact is slowly making authorities change their view on parties and the subculture involved.

In July, the third edition of the Fora do Tempo Festival takes place amidst Chapada das Mesas, a national ecologic park near Carolina, Maranhão State. Built over a fresh water island, accessible during the dry season only, the festival is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Equatorial forest and rustic communities lend the exotic touch that enriches every travel. Unfortunately this is the last edition there, since the government is building a huge hydroelectric power station in the area.  During September Samsara completes ten years of Psychedelia in Serra Canastra, São Paulo State. Taking place beside a river full of rapids, the festival keeps the sound on for five days. Speaking of paradisiac places, the traditional New Year’s eve Universo Paralello comes strong in 2009. After a blasting edition, with five different stages and lots of cultural movement going on, all we expect is growth. Besides small incidents with security, UP is the most expected event of the year and the biggest mind-blowing psytrance experience you can get in South America.  Although having nice editions in 2008, the traditional festivals Trancendence and Cachoeira Alta are not happening this year. Both are organizing their site for a better structure in 2010. However, Tranceformation is coming back for a great celebration in the savannahs of the centre-east.  In Brasilia, musical minds behind Vagalume Records make it blow with their powerful label parties. In Goiânia, Fiction club opens every week. In Belo Horizonte, Label Club hosts the main indoor event, while Enigma throws the open- air parties. In Salvador, the Soononmoon guys take the responsibility. In Vitoria, Ecologic crew makes it sound loud. Actually, you find psytrance movements in every big city of the country.  The hottest Brazilian trance spot is São Paulo, where winds of change are blowing. Since 2007, two groups have been working hard on bringing back that something missing on huge trance events, nowadays so common in São Paulo. team, with their bi-monthly Respect, and 4iDeas!, with Mystic Tribe, Earthdance São Paulo and Goa Gil celebrations, keep the spirit alive.   During the week, the best choice is the bi-weekly Siona, bringing proggy tunes to the city nights- and soon as an open- air. For those into dark, there’s a monthly Klatu night by the FOP crew, with duo Janczur & Paula and Boteon as hosts.

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