Trance to the beat in Greece

Author: Thanasonic
Date: Dec 17, 2008
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To start of with, Greece is unquestionably a country with a long trance history. Opening with underground raves near the beginning of 1990’s, many people discovered an unexplained sensation in this music and turn out to be true believers and supporters.

Greece to bring a miraculous sound that everyone was in love with. In addition, numerous Greeks started their personal trance carriers as artists/DJs/promoters/label owners, by appearing in local secretive events in warehouses or mountains by traveling out of the country to perform and to gather new music. They’ve also started to organize their own events as well as compiling albums and compilations for the music they were devoted to.


Last but not least, the wonderful vibes, the unity and the atmosphere of those events, is something that still many people perceive as the “good old days” era.


Nowadays, things have progressed a lot, and Greece has developed into a very “active” country in the trance music movement. Well known party organizers like Camoflash, Dj Movement, Eternal motion, Free Frequency, Neverland, Plasmatica, Twilight Zone in Thessaloniki, as well as Moonsun, Natural High, The Cube, Xtra Vibes, in Athens, continue to provide new events almost every weekend.


Most of the times, line-ups consist of international artists in conjunction with local DJs. Moreover, new organizing teams are popping in the scene like mushrooms. Some of them make it, some don’t with many people already criticizing promoters for providing bad services (unorganized events, fake artist entries, bad sound, toilets missing) even when ticket prices remain high. However, Greeks know too well how to party and celebrate and regardless of the organizational mistakes most of the parties end up with big attendance.


Regarding music, the Greek legends Wizzy Noise have by now finished their new album which will be soon released by Harmonia Records. A lot of  new releases are also soon to be out by Greek labels like Candyflip, Slikt’it (sublabel of Candyflip), Headstick, Harmonia, Moonsun, Medusa, Mental Cruelty, Night Oracle and Cosmicleaf/Unicorn Music, have already been released this year, and more are preparing to hit the market in 2008.


When it comes to Greek trance culture magazines, we must mention Freeze, which is the leader in the field, providing free cds and exclusive interviews from well known international and domestic artists.


International acknowledged and recognized Greek web-radio called Radio, continues to provide high quality, fresh psychedelic/progressive trance plus chill out tracks / djsets / live shows, as well as new exciting interactive features. For fans of progressive / house / electro, the answer to their needs is called, which provides a fully featured music portal for the music lovers.


As for upcoming festivals, there are rumors about the continuance of Butterfly Dance Festival, and a possible festival from Twilight Zone team, but nothing is yet confirmed by the organizers.





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