Faster than ever in RUSSIA

Author: Unitone
Date: Nov 20, 2009
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Last year the Russian psychedelic scene seemed to grow faster than ever: Numerous parties and festivals spreading over the immense country, top artists flooding the line-ups, the wildest world festivals decorated by Russian designers, and of course the new cutting-edge tracks of Russian artists which have never been as productive as they are right now.

The scene is divided, consisting of two opposed groups: one mostly made up of the teenage public attending the commercial parties with well known full on artists, and the other one of a slightly more experienced audience, digging not only more intelligent and underground psychedelic music, but with an alternative lifestyle also; you can easily find the true psychedelic spirit among it.

A completely new type of psychedelic event took place in Moscow this fall. It is a Spectral Eyes art show. Representing leading Russian psychedelic designers and fljuro guru Luke Brown creating his new masterpiece real-time accompanied by Peak records gang live act- right in the heart of the golden architectural fetish!

The psytrance scene in St. Petersburg, the historic Russian capital, is more homogeneous and underground. Great vibes can be found on Sunstation and Shanti S.S. parties. The guys work really hard to make it interesting. Weekend warriors from Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Samara, Kazan, Izhevsk, and other big Russian cities are also deep into a dynamic party environment.

Trimurti in June and Kalevala in Oct. have already been announced. To our great disappointment the Armageddon Festival with a mind- blasting dark-oriented line-up planned for last year had been put off till this summer. We nearly have no patience to wait until July when it takes place. Of course the Solar Eclipse Festival in the magnificent Altai Mountains will remain a great psychedelic experience in the hearts and minds of those who were lucky enough to attend.

Last year was very productive for Russian artists who are always being hunted by top psytrance labels. Not only the famous hard Russian sound, but also psy progressive, chill out, and full-on tunes are fit for international export this year. New upcoming releases by Delirious Noon aka Furious, Sulima (Blitz Studios) and Glooex (SunStation) will definitely blow the minds of psyheads all around the world with a brand new delicious sound. Also a bunch of new releases is being prepared by well-known labels from Russia like Vertigo, Insomnia, and newcomers like Technical Freaks, PsySpy and Jolly Fill Music.

It is obvious that Russia is only a step from becoming the heart of the psychedelic trance world for the next several years. Nevertheless our promoters, labels, designers and other trance activists still have room for self-development and growth like everyone of us does.

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