A new Dawn

Author: Sanaki
Date: Aug 20, 2009
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We hear about global markets crashing, we are facing big political problems in our country, and people talk about the music industry fading away. But, for all problems there are solutions, a problem has no reason to exist if there is not a solution. And we Belgium people are among the best solution seekers around!

We thought the psychedelic scene was dying in 2007 and 2008, instead the scene is getting bigger and bigger. In the last 5 years we have seen 2 majors events killed at their peak by the government. But the scene never died. People are aware looking back is no option. By improving ourselves, reinventing, and reaching out to other styles the scene flourishes as never before.

If you visit our country looking for a party, you have a choice from all styles. The oldschool trance music is alive and kicking here, the progressive scene has grown and their promoters are throwing quality parties. If you look for old/newschool parties check out the parties with artist from Suntrip records, every week you hear this melodic psytrance at underground events. Purple Snow (with founder R‘deem) and Smiley Tribe are the names to look for if you want progressive trance in all its shapes. They provide Neelix, SBK, Anti, Prefect Stranger and Ace Venture within 2 months. Cultmus on the other hand is an organization that focuses on general psychedelic music, from trance via rock to ambient. They are not afraid to book The Orb, Wicked Hayo, Juno Reactor and Highlight Tribe for an evening. Damn, we are spoiled!

Psychedelic music in Belgium is booming, there are now more active labels then ever before. In 2008 Suntrip Records continued the path of melodic goatrance with 3 releases. The first album of Ra (ex Dimension 5) saw the light. Next up was the release of another compilation with tracks from Chi-a.d. and California Sunshine. Their future looks melodic as well, with albums from Fileria and debuts from Afgina and Merr0w. Dacru records is booming too. Their signed artists are likely to be found playing in abroad: Japan, Germany and Central America. After successful releases by Digicult, Ephedrix and Sufi in 2008 they will spoil our ears with new releases from Digicult, Ephedrix and the debut album from Aquila. Naturall Productions is DJ Jharu´s new label (member of Lani). Their first compilation Naturall Frequency is on sale now, as well as the debut album from La Mila.

There is plenty to do here. We have many labels and producers to be proud of. Sometimes it seems to me the scene is very divided into subgenres and styles. But, every now and then, we show the world that we are all one. The yearly Heron festival in Belgium proves the scene is still strong. And I hope this reflects our view of society in general. Maybe our way of living is the answer we seek?


Author: sergiaddharma / Date: 10.10.2009 11:35:06

nice article! all support from Barcelona :) Boom **

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