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Author: Psychedelic Traveller
Date: May 11, 2010
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Due to economic difficulties there will be no printed version of Psychedelic Traveller 2010 - But still there will be a Psychedelic Traveller this year, of course!

Hello fellow Psytravellers ...

most of you are eagerly awaiting the the 2010 edition of Psychedelic Traveller Magazine.

Sadly, because of low advertisement sales (we sold 3,5 pages which would give us roughly 2500 euro to do the mag), we had to change our plans. From the last edition we know that we would have to pay around 3500 euros for the print and 4500 euros for distribution. As we're not able to pay this money up, we will not print this edition.

 BUT, as we have nearly all articles ready and we are anyway doing it for our fun, your pleasure and without financial interests, we decided to release something special this year.

1. We'll release a PDF version in mid of June so that everyone will be able to download it. This PDF will be nearly free of commercials, just a hand of people really supporting us through the years will get some space there.

2. We will print 5,000 posters (A1) with an astonishing artwork on the front and the country information on the back side.

3. We will do a free download compilation in cooperation with Sunstation Records. If you would like to share your tracks with us, please send a mail to All tracks must be free of charge and deadline for the release is the 22nd of May. If you have friends which are maybe interested please forward them this request.

4. We will do 20,000 folded flyers (A6) to inform the scene about the download and the posters. If you would like to help us spreading this flyers, please send us your address.

Keep on psychedelic
Sören & Liese (Psytraveller HQ)

PS: So far we don't have articles from:

- Belgium
- Switzerland
- Norway
- Hungary
- Sweden

as our former authors didn't find the time to write an update for 2010 article for us. So if you have any idea who would be capable of writing an article about one of these countries within the next 3 weeks, feel free to contact us!

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