Authentic Suomisound and global beats in Finland

Author: Johanna Virmavirta aka Inkeri Tähti
Date: Dec 11, 2008
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With its past firmly rooted in what is commonly referred to as “old school Suomisound” (Suomi, being the native name for Finland), the Finnish psy-trance phenomenon, ironically, made its first appearance under the balmy shade of palm trees growing in Goa.

As the varied tropically psychedelic approaches to sound made their way to our Nordic region in the early 1990’s, they were soon reinterpreted, adapted and infused with local flavors, paving the way for artists such as Texas Faggott, Squaremeat, Mandalavandalz, and Luomuhappo. All of the aforementioned artists are still actively gigging – the past year alone includes a host of overseas tours ranging from Japan to Israel.
In a country with a plethora of forests and lakes, it does not take too much imagination to conclude that it is outdoor underground summer parties which still account for a large percent of the scene’s local popularity. Besides the Suomisound acts already mentioned, artists such as Kiwa, Eraser vs Yöjalka, Lemon Slide, Troll Scientists, Haltya and Vishnudata play throughout the long white nights that constitute Finnish summer.

As summer extravaganzas are concerned, Konemetsä Festival is as good a gauge as any for ongoing local enthusiasm. Here, Finnish artists annually play side by side with world renowned talents such as Koxbox, Eat Static, and Paul Taylor. Local deejays such as Miazu, Poliisi and Anar enhanced the overall mood by playing their own superb dancefloor selections. Summer 2008’s Konemetsä promises, once again, to be an event worth noting.

Although Finnish summer is relatively brief, the psy-trance scene does not go into hibernation for the winter. Instead, it heads for the “great indoors”, with parties organized all across the Helsinki and even as far as the Tampere area. Wider Visions, Space Boogie, Exogenic Records and NEO are but some of the few who arrange brilliant clubs and parties where Finnish acts and deejays play along with international headliners such as Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Kindzaza, Rinkadink, Cosmosis, Infected Mushroom and Hallucinogen.

In addition to the shows, this year’s psy-trance enthusiasts have seen many internationally acclaimed new albums being released by Finnish labels. Kiwa, Highpersonic Whomen on legendary Exogenic Records, Finland Boogie Files compilation, Vishnudata and Astroschnautzer on Space Boogie Records and Cosmic Dream compilation on Cosmic Theatre Records, are some noteworthy mentions.

Freakdance Records gave their always thrilling contribution in the form of the debut of Lemon Slide while Antiscarp not only continued their free download site but also saw the release of a printed CD compilation. Likewise, Troll Scientists, Haltya and Texas Faggott are anticipated to release their long awaited new albums in 2008.

Back To Mad, the twice in a month psy-trance radio program on Bassoradio, has regular listeners eagerly awaiting each new program. Likewise, the highly specialized publication for electronic music, Syke Magazine, continues to maintain its position as a purveyor of contemporary culture.    


Johanna Virmavirta aka Inkeri Tähti
Dancefloor activist, music journalist, photographer, radio DJane for Bassoradio.
”Action speaks louder than words.”  

Author: kulta / Date: 11.12.2008 18:50:23

Yeah! Suomisaundi ist really unique, very playful and psychedelic - Thanks for the article!

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